Defer your offer

Deferring your course means postponing your studies while keeping your place at the University

  • For domestic students: Deakin normally allows you to defer the commencement of most courses for up to two years. As some courses do not have intakes at every trimester you may only be able to defer for one or two years.
  • For international students: you may only defer for a maximum of one year, at which time your application will be re-assessed.

Which offers cannot be deferred?

You cannot defer if you have:

  • been readmitted to a course
  • already enrolled
  • cross-institutional
  • non-award

If you cannot defer you can apply to take a break from your studies by intermitting.

How to defer

The process for deferring varies depending on whether you are deferring an international offer or a domestic offer that came through VTAC or directly from Deakin.

Defer a Domestic offer

If you wish to defer your direct offer from Deakin:

You will receive an automatic reply upon submission of your request. You will be sent a confirmation once your deferral is approved and processed. If you have not received confirmation after 5 working days, please email

Do not enrol if you wish to defer your offer.

Seek advice if you are unsure

If you are unsure as to whether you wish to defer your offer, speak to a faculty course adviser.

Commencing study after your deferral

When your deferral is finished and you are due to commence your study, Deakin will send you an email with enrolment advice.

What to do if you want to come back early or extend your return date

Please email to tell us you wish to return early, cancel your deferral or extend your deferral (you cannot have a deferral length longer than two years).

What do I do if I have to change my contact details?

We contact you by email to alert you that you are ready to enrol.  It is therefore important that we have your contact details correct.  Make sure that we have your current postal and email addresses at all times. If you need to update your contact details email us at

Defer an International offer

If you are an international student and you want to defer the commencement of your course prior to enrolment, please contact the Deakin staff member listed on your Letter of Offer.

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