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Car Sharingflexi car parked outside student residencies

Why buy a car when you can share one?

As a car share member you have access to clean, new cars whenever you need them. Car sharing can save you money over owning a car and saves you the hassle of insurance, petrol and maintenance of your vehicle. Cars are available 24/7 for use for an hour or longer if you need it. Car share cars live at priority on and off street parking bays around Melbourne's CBD, Richmond, Northcote, Brunswick, St Kilda and lots of places in between.

In Melbourne there are two active car sharing organisations, Go Get and Flexicar. Depending on your needs you can hire a small car such as the Honda Jazz so you can zip around the city or a Subaru Forester if you need something bigger such as taking friends out on a day trip or that holiday with the family.

Flexicar arrives at Deakin

Flexicar has partnered with Deakin to provide a new carsharing service on campus at the Melbourne Burwood Campus. Two Flexicars are located outside the brand new residential block for the use of students and staff.

Each Flexicar is available to carshare members and provides an alternative to privately owned cars, replacing 9-13 vehicles in the community and provides all inclusive, on-demand, access to a car.

Members are issued with a 'swipe card' on joining Flexicar and after making a booking on the website, by phone or on their mobile they use the card to access the car.

Flexicar has more than 130 vehicles around Melbourne and members are entitled to book and use all of them.

A special student 'Flexi-Uni' membership plan is all inclusive: petrol, damage cover, registration, maintenance, parking are all incorporated into the Flexi uni membership. The membership costs $7.50 per month (includes one hour's driving per month) and $7.50 per hour or $55 per day to drive.

For Deakin students Flexicar is waiving the usual $30 joining fee and halving the annual damage cost to just $35 per annum.

For information on how to become a Flexicar member visit Flexicar, email or call 1300 36 37 80.

DriveMyCar Rentals

DriveMyCar Rentals (DMCR) promotes and facilitates private car rentals, also known as peer-to-peer car sharing. The DMCR online platform instantly connects car owners with drivers looking for an alternative to traditional car rental. By renting out their car, car owners can generate a rental income and thus reduce their fixed costs. This benefit extends to car renters who can select a car from the largest range of rental cars in Australia and save up to 60% on traditional car rental costs.Visti DriveMyCar Rentals for more information.


Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

9th July 2012