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Travel tips

Watch this page for regular tips on cycling, walking and public transport.

What zone am I in?

Metropolitan Melbourne’s public transport network is divided into two main zones.
Depending on where you are traveling from to get to Deakin will decide which ticket you need to buy. We have listed the following Zones according to transport type:

  • Tram 75: Travel on a Zone 1 or Zone 2 fare for the entire length of your journey.
  • Tram 70: Zone 1 until it reaches the last stop at Wattle Park
  • 767 Bus: Zone 2 until it reaches Chadstone Shopping Centre (Warrigal Road) where it temporarily becomes Zone 1.
  • 735 Bus: Zone 2.
  • 768 Bus: Zone 2.
  • 281 Bus: Zone 2.
  • 732 Bus: Zone 2.
  • SMARTBUS 903: Zone 1 or 2 when traveling between the area from North Road / Warrigal Road to the Wattle Park Tram Stop at the corner of Elgar Road / Riversdale Road

Please take note that the tram and bus inspectors are on the lookout for students who are traveling with a Metcard in the wrong zone or no Metcard. Ticket inspectors don't necessarily wear uniforms either, so remain vigilant and always travel with the correct Metcard.


Public Transport:

  1. Each ride on a 10 x two hour ticket is about 20% cheaper than a single ticket. Also, the second time you validate a 10 x two hour ticket on any day, it turns into an all day ticket.

  2. Did you know that you can now buy a 5 x Weekend Daily Metcard and pay only $2.90 per trip on a Saturday or Sunday? These cards are valid for all day travel through Zones 1 and 2.


Cycling and Walking:

  1. As of February 18 2008, the ban on bikes on peak hour trains has been officially withdrawn. Cyclists are asked to use the last door of the last carriage where possible, and strongly advised to avoid the front of the train, where wheelchair users board.

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11th September 2012