Want to study online? Here’s why coming to Open Day is worth it

One of the best parts of studying online is not being tied to a particular location, so you might be surprised to find that Deakin encourages prospective online students to come to campus on Open Day.

Whether you’re considering undergraduate or postgraduate study, if you’re busy juggling work, family and personal commitments, chances are you’re enticed by the flexibility online study provides. But it’s also common to be full of questions, and sometimes nerves. Coming to Open Day is an efficient way to get your questions answered and inspire confidence that you’ll be well-supported to achieve your study goals.

Open Days at all of Deakin’s campuses offer plenty of information covering online study, as well as postgraduate study and mature-age study – not to mention your course area of interest, facilities and support services. Check out Open Day information for each campus:

Explore the finer details at an information session

Attending structured information sessions are a great way to find out what you need to know in a quick, accessible way.

To find details of all information sessions, check the Open Day planner for your campus of choice.

This year, you can get the lowdown on how online study works at ‘Study online at our Cloud Campus’ information sessions, which will run at three campuses – Melbourne Burwood, Geelong Waurn Ponds and Geelong Waterfront.

You might also be interested in the sessions on mature-age study and postgraduate study – as many online students tend to fall into these groups.

Check the Open Day planner for your chosen campus for information sessions about your course area of interest, too. Deakin’s teaching staff have put a lot of preparation into these sessions, so make things easy for yourself by just showing up and listening in. You’ll get answers to frequently-asked questions, a sense of who you’ll be learning from, and behind-the-scenes insight into what it’s really like to study the course(s) you’re interested in.

Ask your burning questions

If you’re planning to fit your studies in around a busy schedule, or if this will be your first time studying online, you’ve probably got questions about how you’ll manage the specifics. At Open Day, Deakin Cloud Campus specialists will be on-hand to answer them all. Just look for the Cloud Campus and Learning Centre, which will sit within the Career and Course Information Centre at each of our campuses.

Also within the Career and Course Information Centre, you’ll find teaching staff and students for each course area primed and ready to chat. Nothing beats a face-to-face exchange with the people you’ll be learning from, especially if you’re still deciding which course will suit you best.

This is a good time to ask questions unique to your situation, but here are a few points you might like to start with:

  • How do Deakin’s teachers tailor the course for online students?
  • What kind of students will I be studying alongside?
  • If I’m planning to study part-time, what’s a realistic course load to take on?
  • Are there in-person elements to the course that I need to be aware of?

Open Day is also a great time to get a sense of the workplace learning opportunities that may be available within your course – and how you could fit those in.

If your course includes a workplace internship or industry project, find out:

  • If I live far from campus, how could I complete my internship close to home?
  • If I work set hours, how much leave will I need to factor in to take on my internship?
  • If I already work in my dream industry, how might I link an industry-based assignment to a project at my current workplace?

A face-to-face chat with those closest to the course is a great way to glean insights when you’re in the research phase of your study journey. Gain the confidence to make the right choice when you sign up to study.

Take advantage of facility tours

Deakin library

No matter what you study, or from where, you’re sure to end up with an intimate relationship with the Deakin library. So why not start things the old-fashioned way, with a tour around its inspirational shelves?

As a Cloud Campus student, you’ll have full access to the library’s extensive collection, including access to digital ebooks, journals and databases from anywhere, anytime. Plus you can even request free delivery of physical books to your door. To really understanding the ins-and-outs of the library, Open Day’s the time to start orienting yourself to what’s on offer.

Labs and immersive learning facilities

Depending on what you’re studying, you might have access to other state-of-the-art facilities at Deakin. Even if you plan to base the majority of your study from home, you might decide to come to campus to take advantage of these facilities.

At Open Day, it’s in the name – our facilities are open to view. In many cases you’ll also see displays of student work, to get you inspired about what you could do here. Now’s the time to check it all out!

At Geelong Waurn Ponds, you might want to visit the Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training (CADET), the Institute for Frontier Materials, the crime scene house, or the exercise and sport science lab.

At Melbourne Burwood, consider visiting the nursing and midwifery clinical simulation centre, film and television studio, Telstra trading room, nutrition science lab, or Deakin Motion.Lab.

Get the lowdown on support services

All aspects of the Deakin experience are on-show at Open Day, so you can also learn about the support services that you’ll have access to when you study with us. Come along to our information sessions on fees and scholarships, international experiences, pathways to Deakin or admission and enrolment.

Check the Open Day planner for your chosen campus for details on all the information sessions.

Plus, find out more about how as a Cloud Campus student, you can take advantage of:

  • high-quality and prompt IT support (ranked highest in the country for student satisfaction)*
  • free phone or email consultations with support staff, including maths, writing and faculty mentors
  • consultations with counsellors, nurses, disability support workers and financial aid advisors and more.

*According to VoiceProject IT Service Quality Support Benchmark Survey for ANZ Universities.

Feel welcome on campus

Don’t forget online students are more than welcome to come to campus! As your study progresses, you might find your circumstances change and you decide to mix your online study with some time on campus. Open Day is the time to get a sense of what that would be like.

Whatever your path, if you’re embarking on online study, attending Open Day will instil you with the confidence that you’ll be well-supported to succeed.

Check out our day planner to tailor your perfect Open Day at each of our campuses: