Dr Glenn Auld



Senior Lecturer In Language And Literacy Education


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Master of Education, Charles Darwin University, 1996
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Ballarat, 2005
GCHE Exempt, Deakin University, 2014
Bachelor of Science, University of Queensland, 2015


+61 3 925 17098

Research interests

Digital Literacy practices
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education
Narrative Inquiry
Place, pedagogy and culture in pre-service teacher placements


Australian Literacy Educators Association
Australian Teacher Educators Association
Australian Association for Educational Research
E-lit Primary English Teaching Association

Teaching interests

EEL 201 Literacy Across the Curriculum (Unit Chair)
EXC 725 Literacy and Numeracy across the Curriculum
EXC 425 Literacy and Numeracy across the Curriculum

Professional activities

Deakin Human Research Ethics Committee (2013)
Selection officer for Primary Education course
Leader of the Experience Culture and Learning Emerging Research Group


2002 Australian Association for Educational Research Betty Watts Award for Significant contribution to Indigenous Education.


Evaluating the More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teacher Initiative (Australia Council of Deans of Education component)

Experience Culture and Learning: Articulating pre-service teacher placement experiences in the Northern Territory.


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