Deakin Alumni Community - Frequently asked questions

What is the Deakin University Alumni Community?
The Deakin Alumni Community enables you to keep or renew contact with your student and professional networks globally and can help to grow your career after you graduate. It also ensures you continue your relationship with Deakin after graduation from anywhere in the world.

Who can join the Deakin Alumni Community?
»             All Deakin graduates
»             Former Deakin staff (exceeding two years of service) and
»             Graduates and former staff of any of our 19 antecedent institutions

How much does Deakin Alumni Community membership cost?
Membership is free of charge.

How do I join the Deakin Alumni Community?
Join up online at Once you are registered as a member you can then take advantage of the many benefits and services available to Deakin Alumni.

If you experience any difficulties in signing up to be a member contact the Deakin Alumni Office at

How do I update my contact details with the Deakin Alumni Office?
If you are an existing Alumni member, you are able to update your membership details online at Change your contact details or alternatively email your new details to

What is the Alumni membership card used for?
You will receive an Alumni membership card when you become a member, entitling you to a range of services and benefits. The card must be produced to our various services and benefits suppliers as evidence of your membership with the Deakin Alumni Community to redeem many of our services.

What is my Alumni membership number?
Your Alumni membership number appears on the front of your Alumni membership card to help you remember it. This number is usually your old student or staff number.

What if I need a replacement Alumni membership card?
If you require a replacement Alumni membership card please contact the Deakin Alumni Office as soon as possible for a replacement at

What is an Alumni chapter or network?
A chapter is a group of at least twenty alumni members that have a common interest or focus that form part of a recognised faculty, school, organisation, division or course.

A network is a cohort of Alumni members that have a common interest or focus not directly connected or associated with Deakin or an established or recognised Chapter, faculty, school, organisation, division or course.

For information about establishing a new chapter or network please contact the Deakin Alumni Office at

Why join the Deakin Alumni Community?
Deakin Alumni members have access to many exclusive benefits that include:

  • professional networking opportunities within Australia and internationally
  • discount library membership (free for the first year)
  • career development services
  • lifelong learning opportunities
  • online and hardcopy news and social media
  • student mentoring
  • discounted use of university facilities
  • Alumni Business Directory
  • invitations to social events and
  • over 20 different company discounts

Is ongoing email available to Alumni members after graduation?
No this service is not currently available to Deakin Alumni; however we are working towards delivering this as a service in the future.

Can I still access the Deakin Library after I graduate?
Yes you can. Deakin University Library offers discounted Library membership to Deakin University Alumni members including those living overseas.  Before becoming a Library Alumni Member, you must join the Deakin University Alumni Community and then apply to the Library to receive your discounted Library Alumni Membership. For details on how to join visit Deakin Alumni Library membership.

What news services are available?
The Deakin Times, is our monthly Deakin Alumni Community email news bulletin keeping all Deakin Alumni members around the world informed of news and events.

Dmagazine is our hardcopy Alumni magazine. Published twice a year, this current affairs driven publication aims to profile relevant, innovative and responsive research, news and views from Deakin's Alumni, staff and students.

I need a replacement copy of my Academic Transcript. How do I obtain this?
These are available from Deakin's Division of Student Administration (DSA) at a small cost. Requests can be made via telephone or email. For more information about do to obtain a replacement visit Replacement Academic Transcripts and Testamurs.

Can I still access Deakin JobShop after graduation?
Yes you can for at least one year, but you will need to contact Deakin's JobShop and request and set up temporary access to the JobShop. To apply for temporary access contact the Deakin JobShop.

What letters do I place after my name to indicate my Deakin qualifications?
Visit Deakin Award appellations for a full listing of all undergradaute and postgraduate appellations.

Can Deakin give me the contact details of my old classmates?
This is not permitted under Australian privacy laws. If you are organising an event that you wish to invite fellow alumni members to, please contact the Central Alumni Office.

What are the Deakin Alumni Community Awards?
The Deakin Alumni Community Awards aim to recognise, acknowledge and promote prominent Alumni around the world who have achieved outstanding success within their career or community. 

How do I make an Awards nomination?
Nominations must be submitted to the Deakin Alumni Office. For more information about how you can nominate yourself or other Alumni members for these Awards visit

How do I gift money to Deakin?
Please see the Giving to Deakin page

Can I volunteer my time to the Deakin Alumni program?
You can express your interest in becoming involved with our Alumni chapters, volunteering to speak at an alumni event, offering work experience or being a mentor to a current student or staff member - to list just a few ways you can assist.

You can register your interest in becoming an Alumni volunteer by logging into our website at update your contact details and ticking the appropriate volunteering options section.

What is the Deakin Career Mentoring Program?
The Deakin Career Mentoring Program facilitates contact between Alumni members (mentors) and current students and staff members (mentees), to help assist in their career direction or transition choices. For more information visit Deakin Alumni Career Mentoring Program.

How do I contact the Deakin Alumni Office?
Contact us at either:

Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
Geelong Victoria 3216 Australia

Phone +61 3 5227 1019
Fax +61 3 5227 1282

Melbourne Burwood Campus
Burwood Victoria 3125 Australia

Phone +61 3 9246 8254
Fax +61 3 9246 8226

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