Alumni membership rules

You are eligible to become a Deakin Alumni member if you are

  • a Deakin graduate*
  • a former Deakin staff member (exceeding two years of service) or
  • a graduate or former staff member of a Deakin antecedent institution

*From 2014, all new graduates will automatically become alumni members upon conferral of their degree(s).

Antecedent institution membership

To be an antecedent institution alumni member you should have graduated from the particular institution or course at any time prior to or at the time that institution and/or course came under Deakin control. Any person graduating or employed after this point from a particular institution or from any course not subsequently associated with Deakin will not be eligible for Alumni membership.

Antecedent institutions of Deakin University

Burwood State College
Burwood Teachers College
Domestic Arts Teachers College
Geelong State College
Geelong Teachers College
Glendonald Training Centre for Teachers of the Deaf
Gordon Institute of Technology
Institute of Special Education
Larnook Teachers College
Monash Teachers College
Prahran College of Advanced Education
Prahran College of Technology
Prahran Technical Arts School
Rusden State College
Toorak State College
Toorak Teachers College
Victoria College
Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education
Warrnambool Technical College

Staff membership

To be a staff Alumni member you need to have been employed by Deakin or one of its antecedent institutions on a continuing or fixed-term contract.

Membership is open to casual and sessional staff who have worked for Deakin or one of its antecedent institutions for a minimum of two years.

Cost of membership

Alumni membership is free of charge.

To register your membership application online visit alumni registration.

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