Mentoring agreement

By submitting an application to be a mentor or a mentee I acknowledge and accept the following:

  1. I have read and understood the mentoring program privacy statement
  2. I have read and understood the mentoring program guidelines
  3. My behaviour will be ethical, professional and responsible at all times
  4. I will contact the Deakin Central Alumni Office as soon as practicable if I feel uncomfortable with a mentee's or mentors' behaviour or other matter related to the mentoring relationship
  5. I understand Deakin University takes no responsibility for the behaviour of participants, nor for any advice or information exchanged between myself and a mentee or a mentor
  6. My name, preferred contact details and employment details will be made available to my mentee or mentor upon acceptance of an application for me to be a mentor or mentee
  7. In the case that I invite my mentee or mentor to visit my workplace(s), I will advise them of all relevant occupational health and safety procedures
  8. I will not seek nor accept any monetary remuneration as a result of the mentoring relationship
  9. If an opportunity for work experience or a job placement arises, I will notify the Deakin Careers and Employment unit
  10. I will comply with all relevant legal and operational employment policies and procedures
  11. I will treat in strictest confidence all information and matters discussed in a mentoring relationship with a mentee or mentor
  12. I will complete a mentoring feedback form at the conclusion of each mentoring relationship I undertake

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

24th July 2013