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Dr Jane Menzies

Deakin MBA takes on the world

It’s all very well sitting in a classroom learning about international business management – but Deakin MBA students head out into the business world to see if for themselves.

Audience at Wheeler Centre

20 Questions @ The Wheeler Centre

We’re constantly bombarded by reports of our political differences – but how else do we differ? Dr Carl Driesener worked with Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre to find out.

Colin Higgins

Welcome to our new look MBA-Zine

Newly appointed MBA Director, Dr Colin Higgins talks about the challenges facing MBA programs globally – and outlines what Deakin is doing to ensure its program remains valued by employers and the community.

Dr David Fan

Do bosses from overseas really understand?

It seems obvious that certain skills underpin cross-cultural competence – but what are they? Dr David Fan has a look at Chinese ex-pat managers.

Woman in workplace

Is your boss a bully? What can you do about it?

Fair Work Commissioner John Lewin recently outlined changes to the Fair Work Act to Deakin MBA Alumni – what do these mean for you as an employer? And an employee?

Dr John McWilliams

Good management: It can be a matter of life and death

Hospitals are large and complex institutions designed to provide optimum clinical care. Of course, patient-facing staff must to be at the top of their game. But they depend on administrative support, effective coordination and engaging leadership.

corporate office

Deakin's industry collaborations: Australian companies are lagging when it comes to CSR

Dr Colin Higgins, in his role as Deputy Director of the Centre for Sustainable & Responsible Organisations (CSaRO), was invited to write a foreword for the 2014 State of CSR Survey report released by Australian CSR think-tank the Australian Centre for CSR.

Dr May Hu

Institutional investors help to deter fraud

There is little doubt that China is growing in importance on the world stage – we see and hear a lot about Chinese companies. A lot of what we see in the press relates to labour practices – but what about some other corporate governance challenges?

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