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Helping business become more competitive

Business and technology explores how organisations compete effectively through technology in the digital era.

Our research

Our research focuses on technology to create competitive advantage. The benefits we can enable include better productivity, better change management, more effective engagement of people with technology, and evidence-based decision-making. We focus on the following areas:

Technology as an enabling capability explores how organisations can leverage capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and digital platforms to achieve business benefits.

Technology-enabled decision-making examines how information technologies enable human, machine or hybrid business decision-making.

Technology-enabled business transformation considers how contemporary technologies help business to innovate and transform.

Key projects

We research messy, complex problems, with no ready-made solution.

Deakin Electric Vehicle Challenge 2022

A project analysing smart meter data to detect where electric vehicles are being charged, ultimately to inform energy demand and infrastructure planning.

National Data Analytics Survey

In collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services, the survey analyses the maturity state of data analytics and business intelligence in Australian organisations, including technology, process and people.

Our vision is to foster technology-enabled competitive advantage creation and innovation in Australian firms as a critical element for competition in the global digital era.

Professor Rens Scheepers

Our research centres

The following Deakin Business School research centres are aligned with the Business and technology theme.

Martech Clinic

Focusing on the ways marketing organisations leverage technology to improve customer interaction and retention.

AI and the Future of Business

A catalyst for new ideas, insights and collaborations, helping provide guidance to organisations and policy-makers on leveraging AI technologies more effectively.

Partner with us

We collaborate with a range of partners, including United Energy, C4NET and Tata Consultancy Services. We provide expertise and evidence to solve industry problems, work-integrated learning and internship opportunities, guest lectures and industry-focused webinars.

Curriculum and teaching innovations

The qualifications and coursework we provide are responsive to key innovations in analytics, AI and digital process innovation, and their effective application in business. Our courses help develop you as a professional, giving you the capability to improve business outcomes through informed uses of technology.

We offer the following undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

  • Bachelor of Business Analytics
  • Master of Business Analytics
  • Master of Information Systems
  • Graduate Certificate of Artificial Intelligence for Business
  • Graduate Certificate of Marketing Technology.

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