Capital markets

Harnessing financial markets to generate both wealth and societal benefit

Capital markets works to align the interests of financial markets with human wellbeing, social equity and the environment.

Our research

Our research unveils the latest financial innovations and subsequent social impacts to the general public, while assisting industry, practitioners and government to make more informed decisions. Together, we focus on the following areas:

Socially responsible investing explores how financial investments can be used to achieve social change.

Better markets investigates how the design of markets can be optimised to make them stronger, fairer and more stable.

Holistic reporting examines how non-financial indicators can be integrated with traditional financial metrics to provide a more complete assessment of value and performance.

Key projects

Our work spans research and teaching, and combines the efforts of scholars, students and partner organisations.

Why SMEs are missing out on the benefits of integrated thinking and reporting. A joint paper that explores how to improve business performance through integrated reporting and thinking techniques (2022)
Partner: Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)

Corporate Reporting Trends: A review of ASX200 Corporate Reporting Trends in the year to 30 June 2021 (2022)
Partner: ASX

Benchmarking Impact Australian Impact Investor Insights, Activity and Performance Report (2020)
Partner: Responsible Investment Association Australia

Impacts of Changes in Population Structure on the Performance of the Chinese Real Estate Investment Market (2019)
Partner: Australia-China Joint Action Program between the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA)

Measuring and analysing unique characteristics of risks involved with Islamic financial instruments, role of reliogisity (2015)
Partner: Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia

Expectations of future income and real exchange rate movements (2012)
Partner: Asian Development Bank

With more efficient financing directed to projects with positive environmental and social impacts, eventually every individual in society will benefit.

Associate Professor Adrian Lee

Our research centres

The following Deakin Business School research centres are aligned with the Capital markets theme.

Deakin Integrated Reporting Centre

The Deakin Integrated Reporting Centre works with major partners to help businesses evolve reporting to increase transparency, support strategy, promote sustainability and provide better information to guide investor decision-making.

Impact Finance Hub

The Impact Finance Hub facilitates and develops collaborations among Deakin Business School existing areas of excellence, including financial technology, sustainable development goals in investment and financing, and Islamic financing.

Partner with us

We collaborate with a range of partners, including Asian Development Bank, ASX, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and Responsible Investment Association Australia. We provide consulting and evaluation services, funding opportunities, event and media speakers, and professional development and education.

Curriculum and teaching innovations

Through the Impact Finance Hub we are shaping future coursework to align with key innovations in finance and investment that can be leveraged for positive economic and social outcomes.

Graduate Certificate of Digital Finance

Deakin’s Graduate Certificate of Digital Finance positions you for success in the fintech era by developing fundamental knowledge of the digital transformation of financial markets, an understanding of the technologies behind new financial products and services, as well as developing critical insights into the ways data analytics empowers financial decision-making.

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Corporate Finance unit

This unit (MAF302) focuses on consolidating your finance knowledge and applying it in practice, by working on case studies and problem sets. As environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risk becomes more central to institutions’ overall risk management framework, this unit has developed case studies specifically around corporate social responsibility, ESG, sustainable development goals and environmental sustainability.

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