Research fundamentals

The School provides the following research modules for honours and higher degree by research students. The purpose of these modules are to guide you in the fundamentals of research. While students are not expected to have experience in research methods, they are expected to have a certain level of academic skill in writing, analysing data, understanding information sources and how to use them as well as, knowledge of themes and issues within their field of interest.

The following modules are in PDF format. To view these files you will need a PDF viewer program. A good free program available for download is Adobe Reader.

The modules have been split by logical progression and topic:

Understanding research:

Searching the literature:

Dealing with conceptual issues:

Thesis presentation:

Further Resources

An excellent paper useful for PhD students:
Iqbal, J. "Learning from a Doctoral Research Project: Structure and Content of a Research Proposal", Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods (5:1) 2007, pp 11-20.

Other further information can be found on the Study Skills website.

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