Employ Deakin students

Deakin University has a strong reputation for producing highly-skilled, work-ready and resilient graduates from a diverse range of backgrounds. According to the prestigious Times Higher Education index, Deakin is ranked third in Australia when it comes to graduate employability*. 

So whether you are a global organisation, a not-for-profit organisation, a local SME or a new start-up, our Recruitment Services team can help you recruit the graduates, interns or students you need to inject new thinking into your business to solve a problem, advance a project or fill a short-term gap.

*Times Higher Education Australian Employability Rankings 2016

Why Deakin students?

Deakin specialises in providing its students with real-life skills. 

Courses combine theory with practical experience, including work placements and work integrated learning so when you employ a Deakin student or graduate, you know they will have the skills, attitude and enthusiasm to excel in the workplace.

Graduate recruitment

There are many fantastic reasons to hire graduates into your business, especially Deakin Graduates. 

Our Recruitment team will guide you step-by-step through the process, connecting your organisation with the best Deakin talent, at no cost to you. 

We offer a tailored approach to each campaign, including shortlisting, to ensure you reach your target cohort, quickly and efficiently. 

We offer feedback and support to assist with your workforce planning and future graduate campaigns so your business can capture the best talent we have to offer.

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Part-time & casual roles

Need part-time or casual staff to help your business? From baristas and retail staff to legal clerks and graphic designers and gardeners to nannies. 

It’s easy to advertise your job vacancies using Deakin’s online service. Job ads are free and will reach a large audience of current students and recent graduates. 

You can advertise part-time, casual jobs and vocational roles to our students as and when you need.

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Internships and work placements

Could your organisation benefit from the specialist skills, innovative thinking and enthusiasm of Deakin students by offering internships or work placements?

Deakin offers a range of flexible and diverse internship and work placement opportunities for students designed to meet industry and employer needs as part of their course. 

Students are insured by the University and short-term placements do not need to be paid roles. If you are looking to engage with another talented student or want to discuss how to engage with Deakin students for the first time, we can help get you started.

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Hire a tutor

Deakin students and graduates make sensational tutors. They are clever, flexible and provide a positive learning environment for a wide range of needs. 

If you or your family need support, from primary aged students through to current under graduates, a Deakin Tutor will be able to offer you the support and knowledge you need to succeed.

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Community-based volunteering

There are thousands of passionate students at Deakin keen to develop their skills and relationships while giving back to the community. 

If you are a not-for-profit organisation, charity, community group or public sector organisation looking for volunteers, we can assist. 

Our Recruitment team can offer guidance, support and free advertising of your vacancies to our wide range of students.

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On campus brand awareness

Experience and Employment Expo - our Expo is held twice a year in March and August, across all campuses and Deakin Cloud. They are a great opportunity to promote all forms of work experience, early-identification programs, graduate programs and full time vacancies across all our campuses.

Meet highly engaged students - We work with you to tailor student engagement opportunities such as workshops and guest lectures. We will promote your own in-house events to targeted cohorts and provide analytics on your campaigns.

Value-add involvement – we run a variety of workshops for our students. Our workshops are targeted to the general student population but we also run focused classes for a range of high achiever programs around the University.

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MBA consultancy

The Deakin MBA is one of Australia’s most highly regarded and accredited MBA programs. Designed for experienced managers and business professionals, the program develops a whole organisation approach, with specific focus on functional integration, strategic management, and value creation.

Whether through an ongoing position, an internship, or a short-term consulting project, Deakin’s MBA provides you with access to diverse, experienced pool of talent across a broad range of industries and functions who can bring fresh insights and a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your organisation.

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