Deakin Funded Scholarship Program

Our aim is to acknowledge and reward the strength that has taken you to get where you are today – be it academic prowess, contribution to community, leadership, extracurricular achievements, or perseverance despite hardship.

Value and duration


Scholarship packages range from a one-off $1,000 payment to more than $15,000 per year. The payment options vary depending on the scholarship program.


Different packages have different durations.

Important dates

Applications open29 August 2017
Bachelor applications close*
8 January 2018
* Applications are open for a limited number of Deakin Student Support Scholarships ($1000).  Applications for this  limited offering will close 22 March 2018.
Associate, Honours and Postgraduate applications close13 February 2018

We will commence offering scholarships on 15 December 2017 and continue making offers until all scholarships are awarded.

You'll find out if you were successful usually within six weeks of the final application closing date. You can see the status of your application via your Course and Scholarship Applicant Portal account.

Tailored to your strengths, skills and needs, these distinctive scholarships offer you a genuine advantage – both now and in the future. Importantly, we’ve streamlined the submission process so when you apply directly to Deakin for any of these scholarships, you’re automatically in the running for all three.

Vice-Chancellor's Academic Excellence Scholarship

Awarded by Deakin’s Vice-Chancellor, this esteemed scholarship takes outstanding Deakin students to the next level. It is offered to domestic undergraduate students with exceptional academic achievements and proven experience and leadership.

Included with this scholarship is the Vice-Chancellor’s Professional Excellence Program which is an outstanding personal development program designed to fit around your studies and support you in turning your accomplishments into a real-world advantage.

Read more about the Vice-Chancellor's Academic Excellence Scholarship

Deakin Scholarship for Excellence

Available to high-achieving domestic undergraduate and postgraduate students, this scholarship is designed for students who demonstrate exceptional promise both within and beyond academic achievements.

If you have a strong academic record teamed with excellence in extracurricular activities, community service or leadership, this scholarship offers the following financial support.

Read more about the Deakin Scholarship for Excellence

Deakin Student Support Scholarships

This scholarship offers financial support of up to $10,000 per year to students who display passion, perseverance and commitment to study whilst experiencing financial and personal hardship.

 Read more about the Deakin Student Support Scholarships

How to apply

You can apply for this scholarship directly through our Course and Scholarship Applicant Portal.

Visit our applicant portal and apply

One application for three scholarships:

If you follow the steps and select the 'Deakin Funded Scholarships Program' option your application will automatically be considered for the Vice-Chancellor's Academic Excellence Scholarship, Deakin Scholarship for Excellence and Deakin Student Support Scholarship in the selection process. This reduces the number of scholarships you have to apply for and increases your chances of receiving a Deakin scholarship.

How to write a successful application:

Applying for a scholarship isn't just about meeting the eligibility criteria. 

It's a good idea to think about why you want a scholarship, how it will help you and what you have to offer the Deakin community.