Finding employment for nutritionists

Jobs for Nutritionists are not limited to the 'Nutritionist' title only. You can search under different titles (search terms):

Research Scientist, Research Nutritionist, Research Assistant, Nutrition Consultant/Advisor, Public Health Nutritionist, Nutrition Coordinator, Project or Program Officer, Project Manager, Health Officer, Health Promotion Officer, Nutritional Consultant, Quality and Nutrition Coordinator, Food Technologist, Laboratory Scientist, Marketing Officer.

Some useful websites for those seeking employment are:


National organisations:
The Nutrition Society of Australia
Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology - (membership required)
Department of Health and Ageing
CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences

State organisations:
Deakin University JOBSHOP

Recruitment agencies:
As well as the general employment sites there are some specialist recruitment firms which advertise vacancies and (help people find work): Kelly Scientific, Chemskill, Sciencepeople.

Other job search strategies:* newspapers: metropolitan and/or local
* cold calling: approaching employers to ask for opportunities
* networking: attending conferences and social events to meet prospective employers
* volunteer work: provides experience and contacts

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