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Entry into HDR degrees
Deakin University is interested in providing you with a fulfilling research experience in honours in the hope you will consider returning to complete a research masters or doctorate. These postgraduate research degrees allow you to further investigate in an area of interest to you and open up a range of career options; in academia, and as a leader in industry.

There are a range of careers you can follow after gaining research experience in an honours year. Aside from continuing to work in research as a research officer or assistant, you can gain employment in industry; in physiology, in nutrition, fitness, and in government posts. In sport, you can work in player and team management, in sports administration and development, in strength and conditioning, in sports science, and in coaching. The honours degree allows you to gain specialist knowledge in one of these areas and apply that knowledge.

Student Profiles:

Research: Carley Grimes
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) - graduated 2008
Current PhD Candidate

"Completing the honours program at Deakin was a highly rewarding experience that enabled me to develop a variety of research skills. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to be able to focus on a key area of research which interested me and increased my knowledge in this field"

Carley's Honours project examined consumers' knowledge and attitudes to salt intake and labelled salt information. Carley completed a cross-sectional survey using a questionnaire she developed to assess salt related shopping behaviours, attitudes to salt intake and health and consumers' ability to read sodium labelling on food products. This Honours project allowed Carley to further her journey into a research career through the commencement of a PhD looking at dietary salt intake and health in children (for which she also received a postgraduate scholarship from the National Heart Foundation).

Industry:Brendan Fahrner
Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Honours) – graduated 2008
Richmond Football Club Sports Science Assistant

"The honours program was definitely a worthwhile experience. The knowledge that I gained from the year was invaluable and was a major factor that helped me gain employment. I would recommend doing an honours year to anyone"

Brendan's honours project investigated the effects of training load on game day performance in elite AFL players. It focused on the use of various technologies such as GPS and force plates that were used by strength and conditioning coaches at elite level. This honours project was a major stepping stone in Brendan's employment as a Sports Science Assistant at Richmond Football Club, which mainly involves monitoring player workloads and using the same technologies that he was exposed to during his honours year.

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