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Scholarships and student prizes

Scholarships and student prizes: Empowering capable minds

Scholarships are a powerful way to make a positive difference to the lives of individual students.

Scholarships and student prizes – for both undergraduate and postgraduate students – can be established across the University in each of Deakin’s Faculties. Through the Deakin Scholarship Program, donors are able to tailor a scholarship towards their interests and circumstances. These scholarships typically cover student contributions or accommodation costs in one of the Deakin residences for the length of a student’s degree. Scholarships can also be established to include an internship or industry-based learning component for the recipient.

The Deakin Scholarship Program includes:

Access and equity scholarships

Access and equity scholarships rank very highly at Deakin. Through the Deakin Scholarship Program, the University offers access to university education for capable students who may not otherwise be able to participate in higher education due to financial constraints, geographic isolation, social disadvantage or disability.

Many students, especially those from rural and regional areas, find leaving home to pursue university studies to be costly. Relocation often involves either the student or their family going into debt, this can be a major deterrent to pursuing a university education – particularly for those who are the first generation of their family to reach university.

Deakin has an extensive and well-structured access and equity scholarship program that provides individuals, businesses and philanthropic organisations with excellent opportunities to invest in Australia’s future by assisting students with the costs of university education.

Access and equity scholarships provide a pathway to higher education for capable students who, because of hardship, disability or another form of disadvantage, may otherwise have difficulty participating in university studies. The scholarships are based on student need and the selection criteria include financial hardship, geographic isolation, social disadvantage or disability.

By funding an access and equity scholarship you can empower students to achieve what otherwise may remain elusive.

Academic excellence scholarships

Excellence in everything we do is our aspiration.  Key to this is to foster and reward high-achievement.

Academic excellence scholarships reward high-achieving students and encourage them to pursue university studies at Deakin. These scholarships are awarded to undergraduate, honours and postgraduate students and are typically directed at a particular area of study. They cover student contributions for the length of the degree and recognise and reward students with outstanding academic abilities.

Academic excellence scholarships provide organisations and individual donors with the opportunity to support and reward outstanding students in a particular discipline and to align their organisation with the pursuit of excellence.

Student prizes

Student prizes are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and recognise high achievement among continuing students. These prizes reward students for outstanding academic achievement within a particular degree or subject and are usually given as one-off monetary gifts. They are awarded to students who achieve top marks in their course of study, a particular subject or for a project or assignment.

Work-integrated learning awards

Work-integrated learning awards allow students to undertake internships or industry-based learning placements as part of a Deakin degree. The student’s learning experience is spent in an established business where they have the opportunity to participate in a range of real-world experiences that are relevant to their studies. Work-integrated learning awards not only provide significant learning for students, they also link corporate Australia to high-achieving students, and potentially, future employees. 

Supporting a student prize, academic excellence scholarship or a work-integrated learning award presents industry and business owners with the opportunity to encourage outstanding students and to forge links with potential employees.

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To support the Deakin Scholarship Program and help us expand opportunities in higher education and reward high achievement, contact University Development.

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