Our vision, mission and directions

The CHASE vision is:

working collaboratively with communities, organisations and governments to promote social inclusion and to enhance the health and well-being of all, particularly those populations, communities and individuals who are experiencing exclusion.

CHASE does this by:

  • investigating the interrelationships between, and the impacts of those factors which contribute to social exclusion and adverse health outcomes;
  • researching more fully the causes and health consequences of social exclusion;
  • working with staff in the health and human services sectors to investigate the ways in which they can reduce social exclusion;
  • examine entry and exit points in order to reduce the incidence of social exclusion and to promote re-inclusion;
  • seeking to understand the experience of exclusion and how people's health can be improved even when they are excluded;
  • developing evidence-based solutions and supporting their effective dissemination and implementation; and
  • advocating evidence-based action at all levels of society

The CHASE mission is:

  • to undertake research and development of the highest quality, including the development of theory, in partnership with communities and organisations;
  • to provide evidence-based policy and practice advice to government and industry; and
  • to deliver professional development, education and training services.

The CHASE philosophy is that individuals, communities and populations should be assisted to find their own ways to promote social inclusion and to find their own solutions to exclusion issues. We appreciate that not everyone can, or wishes to be included in the 'mainstream'. Nevertheless, the health of the so-called 'included' and 'excluded' can be promoted regardless of their social positioning.

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