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Our work enhances health and wellbeing for all by creating transformational change in how we design and deliver prevention and care across the broad spectrum of health, disability, ageing and end of life care. Underpinning all we do is our commitment to improving equity and access to health by working with our partners to achieve real impact.

Addressing health system challenges and driving health reform

Health systems globally are facing major challenges driven by a range of complex factors and changes in our society.

At the Institute for Health transformation, our research focuses on making an impact in:

  • Adapting to the changing profile of Australians' health needs
  • Capitalising on the rapid digitalisation of health
  • Supporting better integration of complex and fragmented service systems
  • Driving systemic improvements in the safety and quality of health service delivery
  • Reducing persistent health inequality
  • Improving sustainability of health systems

Our team of multi-disciplinary researchers across Deakin University’s Schools of Medicine, Health and Social Development, Nursing and Midwifery and Psychology tackles the key pressure points in today’s health systems through our expertise in:

By integrating population health, health systems and services research across the broad spectrum from wellness to complex chronic disease and end of life care, we aim to transform health from prevention to care so we can:

  • Activate healthy populations and communities
  • Innovate health service delivery and design
  • Optimise transitions between care and community
  • Drive equity and value in health and care

Our partnerships with health services, government, community and industry allow us to deliver research with impact: improving health and wellbeing, patient experience and care, and the sustainability of our health systems. Find out more about our partners

“The Institute for Health Transformation provides excellent research that aims to accelerate the ideas we need to transform health and care in Australia and around the world.”

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The Institute will provide excellent research that aims to accelerate the ideas we need to transform health and care in Australia and around the world.

Professor Anna Peeters

Inaugural Director, Institute for Health and Transformation

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