Institute for Health Transformation

The Institute for Health Transformation is designed to enhance health and wellbeing for all by creating transformational change across the broad spectrum of health, disability, ageing and end of life care. Our team works to address some of the most compelling and complex health challenges of the 21st century through translational research excellence in:
  • Prevention and population health
  • Health systems and services
  • Health economics and financing
  • Data analytics and digital health

Addressing health system challenges and driving health reform

Health systems globally are undergoing change. The major challenges are driven by complex interactions between social and demographic shifts, the rise of complex and chronic care, rapid growth in technological breakthroughs, and the increasing influence of people as drivers of their own health and care.

Some of the most compelling and complex health systems challenges include:

  • Growing inequalities in health, globally and locally
  • Ageing populations with multiple comorbidities
  • Increasing burden of preventable risk factors
  • Transitioning to value based health and care and
  • Creating economically sustainable health systems

Transform health across the continuum, from prevention to care

The Institute is a strategic initiative of Deakin University integrating population health, health systems and services research across the broad spectrum from wellness to complex chronic disease and end of life care.

Our multidisciplinary team works to transform health from prevention to care, to:

  • Activate healthy populations and communities
  • Innovate health service delivery and design
  • Optimise transitions between care and community
  • Drive equity and value in health and care

These integrated multidisciplinary research pillars are supported by four key enablers:

  • Data and digital health
  • Health economics
  • Systems approaches
  • Knowledge translation

The Institute will provide excellent research that aims to accelerate the ideas we need to transform health and care in Australia and around the world.

Professor Anna Peeters

Inaugural Director, Institute for Health and Transformation

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