CHASE's research profile is characterised by:

  • acknowledging the multiple forms of exclusion and the diversity of communities;
  • building on the agency and creativity of people to respond within frameworks of stigma and exclusion;
  • working to ensure the best possible positioning for the excluded to help themselves;
  • recognising that health can be improved even if people remain excluded;
  • remaining optimistic that ways out of various forms of exclusion can be found; and
  • tackling the underlying causes of exclusion in pragmatic and realistic ways.

Current capacities and programs of research by CHASE research teams within the Faculty of Health are extensive and are continually developing.

Four major developed areas of research within CHASE are listed. Work in these areas is neceessarily inter-connected. Underlying the group's work in all these areas is an active concern with: the development of mixed methodologies; the application of systems thinking, multidisciplinary approaches; systematic approaches to reviewing and synthesising the research literature and with issues of knowledge transfer and practice development. The disciplines represented within these CHASE research areas include: public health, health promotion, health sciences, social work, occupational science and therapy, sociology, anthropology and disability studies.

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