Practice Education and Fieldwork

Learning knowledge practice

A key component of many of the School of Health and Social Development courses is the requirement to undergo a practice education unit or set of practice education units. At the School of Health and Social Development we have several dedicated staff members who ensure that students are suitably placed to gain the most out of their time within the industry. Practice education provides students with practical work experience while allowing them to integrate theoretical knowledge learned in the class room.


Health promotion combines a broad range of activities directed at raising the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and populations. A core unit of the health promotion course is the practice education unit, which provides the opportunity for students to experience field work and to transfer key health promotion principles and academic knowledge to a practical setting.


The Bachelor of Occupational Therapy equips students with the knowledge and skills to enable people of all ages to engage in all areas of daily living, in order to assist them achieve their personal goals for independence at home, work and within the community. Practice education units are a key component of the course. They assist students in developing competence as beginning practitioners in occupational therapy and allow for professional accreditation.


The Bachelor of Social Work provides students with a broad-based approach to social work with emphasis on regional and rural communities, Koorie society, women's issues and social and community development. As part of their professional accreditation, students must complete two practice education placements that are designed to demonstrate that they have begun to master the Australian Association of Social Workers' competency standards for entry-level social workers.

The MSW course at Deakin is underpinned by critical social work theory and anti-oppressive practice (AOP). This philosophy recognises that inter-personal practice casework is important but needs to be integrated or complemented with community work, group work, organisational and system change, policy development and analysis and research. This enables social workers to be more effective in different fields of practice to work ethically using a range of methods and approaches with individuals, families, groups and communities whilst aiming to create small and big changes towards a more socially just society.

The Health Sciences degree is a generalist health degree that allows students to select two or more majors according to their area/s of interest. Students have the option to complete an elective practice education unit to gain experience in the health field. This includes areas such as Health Promotion, Family & Society, Disability, Environmental Health and Health & Sustainability.

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