The Alliance Executive represents top level collaboration between the three formal partners of the Alliance. The Alliance Executive consists of:

  • Regional Director, Department of Human Services (Barwon-South Western Region)
  • PVC Health, Faculty of Health Deakin University
  • Director, Health and Aged Care, Department of Health (Barwon South West Region)
  • Chair in Health Psychology, Faculty of Health Deakin University
  • Deakin/DH/DHS Alliance Project Officer

Core membership

Core Members are those who perceive their core business to be directly linked to the Alliance activities. Core members will cooperate with Partners mainly by participating in Alliance Advisory group Activity.

Strategic Advisory Groups assist Alliance Coordinators in planning and managing the ongoing business of the Alliance. These groups are convened to help the Alliance achieve the outcomes identified in its strategic goals. Strategic Advisory Groups meet as required, and can be established for direction and planning on specific initiatives.

Associate Membership

Associate Members may be interested in the Alliance activities and value the networking opportunities, but as the activities do not relate to their core business, they may not want to want to invest time in contributing to the implementation of the Business Plan.

Associate Members of the Alliance can include academic staff from other faculties, human services agencies, businesses, government departments and even interested members of the community. They are willing to have their contact details registered, and are typically interested in the Community Capacity Building activities of the Alliance, including research.

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