Sponsors and donations

Sponsorship of events

A partnership may take the form of a sponsorship where an organisation or company provides funding for an event or activity.  The Faculty is proud of its partnership with Health Super, which since 2008 has supported the Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery Awards. 

This annual event recognises nurses who have contributed to the profession and benefited the public by improving health service delivery, capacity and/or policy.

The Awards create awareness of the achievements of leaders in nursing, setting a standard to which future leaders in nursing may aspire. The Awards also build leadership through research and education, mentoring and role modelling.

Philanthropic donations

The Faculty has been the fortunate recipient of many philanthropic donations.  These have had a strategic impact on the work of the Faculty and have led to the establishment of research centres, important research projects, scholarships and awards.

Many of the partners support student awards and prizes to recognise academic excellence.  Some also provide scholarships, including support for students in need of financial assistance.

An example of a donation that has led to a significant research project is the grant from the J.O. & J.R. Wicking Trust (administered by ANZ Trustees) for the School of Nursing and Midwifery.  The project focused on developing the 'Teaching Nursing Home'.

Major examples of philanthropy at work include a $1M donation from Mr Geoff Handbury to establish the National Centre for Farmer Health.

Similarly, Alcoa of Australia provided seed funding for the establishment of the Centre for Rural Emergency Medicine.

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