National Centre for Farmer Health

The National Centre for Farmer Health (NCFH) leads the way in improving the health, wellbeing and safety of farmers, farm workers and their families across Australia.

The centre – an exciting initiative in agricultural health, wellbeing and safety – houses University research, a healthcare service and an education centre.

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Education, support and research

The NCFH is the result of a partnership between Deakin University and Western District Health Service. It provides regional and rural farming communities with five key services:

Professional training and education

Multidisciplinary undergraduate honours, postgraduate and professional development courses for GPs, nurses, allied health practitioners, paramedics, vets, and agricultural professionals.

Applied research and development

Research into effective ways to improve farm and agricultural workers' health, wellbeing and safety. Current grants include:

The Ripple Effect

Reducing stigma associated with a lived experience of rural suicide.

In-field Personalised Cholinesterase Assessment Project (In-field PCAP)

Personalised monitoring and predictive identification of exposure to agrichemicals.

From Inside the Farm Gate

Communicating Victorian rural women’s stories of managing tough times.

Online services

Information and tools directly helping farmers, their families and agricultural workers live healthy lives.

AgriSafe™ clinics

Innovative occupational health and safety clinics available for farm and agricultural workers.

Sustainable Farm Families™ programs

Improving the health, wellbeing and safety of farming families through evidence-based, interactive health promotion workshops, with an increasing emphasis on the dissemination of research results from the programs.

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