Centre for Organisational Change in Person-Centred Healthcare

Excellence in healthcare delivery and professional performance requires the creation of knowledge and the translation of evidence into clinical practice. Our centre aims to transform the culture of the healthcare sector to enable high quality person‐centred care and outcomes.

Our research

Our research aims to achieve organisational change through collaborative education and research in:

  • clinical communication
  • consumer empowerment
  • bioethics
  • professionalism.

Person-centred healthcare

The Centre for Organisational Change in Person‐Centred Healthcare has been developed for both consumers and health professionals. We provide education and training and use translational research to influence change in policy and the culture of healthcare systems.

Our aim is to improve patient directed care and transform healthcare consumer experience. We provide education and training and use translational research to influence change in the policy and culture of healthcare systems.

Organisational change is achieved through collaborative, innovative, inter-professional implementation research and education. In simple terms we must translate existing knowledge into everyday clinical practice.

To facilitate this, we offer tailored educational programs for health professionals to foster person-centred healthcare. Underpinned by established educational frameworks, our programs are learner-centred and evidence-based.

Our faculty comprises experienced clinician educators, skilled in small-group experiential learning, ensuring training that is both clinically applicable and effective.

Current partnerships

We currently work with a variety of partners to promote person-centred healthcare through the sector. Some of our current training and research partners include:

  • Cancer Council Victoria
  • Occupational English Test
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • EACH (International Association for Communication in Healthcare)
  • Safer Care Victoria.

Our team

Our team at the Centre for Organisational Change in Person-Centred Healthcare is led by Director, Professor Peter Martin. We have a number of highly esteemed academics and clinicians who all are driven by a desire for change in the healthcare system towards person-centred outcomes.


Professor Peter Martin, Professor of Clinical Communication and End of Life Care, School of Medicine

Professor Judy Currey, Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery

Professor Jonathan Silverman, Academic General Practice, School of Medicine

Meg Chiswell, Deputy Director, Centre for Organisational Change in Person-Centred Healthcare

Professional staff

Megan Sulzberger, Project Coordinator

Clinical communication training

Consumers, patients, and families are demanding clinical professionals and healthcare managers who are able to communicate effectively – to listen and to understand. This is being led by a desire from people wanting to exercise choice with regards to location, modes of delivery, and providers of healthcare. It is important for health services and professionals to become more patient focused, as this is the antecedent of outstanding care.

Our clinical communication courses equip healthcare professionals with the skills required to effectively communicate with patients, carers, families and across professional disciplines.

These include:

    • teaching communication in the clinical setting
    • providing feedback on communication as a clinical supervisor
    • enhancing your clinical communication skills to enable you to teach others.

Postgraduate degrees

Professional healthcare management

As healthcare service delivery becomes complex because of changing population, disease profile and medical technology; so has the requirement for qualified healthcare managers increased. There is a pressing need for trained and skilled healthcare executives and leaders in Australia and the Asia-Pacific to lead and manage healthcare service delivery into the future.

The Deakin MBA (Healthcare Management) course content has been developed in consultation with industry and by academics with several years of industry experience. With the Deakin MBA (Healthcare Management) qualification in hand you are well positioned to either progress in your existing healthcare management career or embark as a healthcare manager.

Learn about our MBA (Healthcare Management)

Support us

There are a number of ways you can support the various activities of the Centre for Organisational Change in Person-Centred Healthcare. By supporting our research and education activities, you enable us to make a real difference in improving the provision of patient care.

We're grateful for all philanthropic and other support received from individuals, corporates and the community at large. This support enables our staff to continue our innovative program to improve patient care.

Ways you can help

Examples of how you can support us include:

  • fund a PhD scholarship
  • fund a post-doctoral award
  • provide a philanthropic gift or gift in kind (such as equipment)
  • contribute to a specific research project
  • seed funding to explore new project ideas
  • donate to the centre at large, or partner with us, ensuring our future.

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