Who can apply?

Before applying for a course, it will help to know what sort of applicant you are, what courses we offer, and what you are eligible to apply for.

Types of degrees

Undergraduate degree

An undergraduate degree is a program of study that leads to a bachelor degree (generally three years) or an associate degree (generally two years).

Courses classified as undergraduate at Deakin University include associate degrees, bachelor degrees and bachelor degrees (honours).

Honours degrees can be undertaken as part of a four-year degree or for one-year following the completion of an undergraduate degree. It provides students with the opportunity to refine their analytical and research skills while expanding employment and study options.

Postgraduate degree

A postgraduate degree is a program of study at a higher level than a bachelor degree. Deakin's postgraduate courses include: graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, masters by coursework, masters by research and doctorates (see research candidate).

The entry requirement for postgraduate courses is usually a bachelor degree from a TAFE or university, although some people with significant work experience may apply for credit for prior learning.

Research degree

A research degree is an approved program of research (PhD or masters degree) under the guidance of one or more supervisors with expertise in the field of study.

A finite period of time is allowed for completion of research degrees. The research results are written as a thesis, which is submitted for examination. The thesis must be a self-contained, integrated and coherent body of work which constitutes a substantial original contribution to knowledge as judged by independent experts.

Types of undergraduate applicants

Whether you've just finished year 12, or haven't studied for years, there will be a Deakin course or pathway for you. Generally, VTAC applicants are considered as either being a Year 12  or a Non-Year 12 applicant depending on your highest educational claim.

Apply via VTAC for courses commencing in Trimester 1. For courses commencing in Trimester 2 or Trimester 3, apply directly to Deakin. Note that if you apply via VTAC, you can't also apply directly to Deakin.

Year 12 applicants

You are Year 12 or recent secondary applicant if you are:

  • a current Year 12 student
  • completed Year 12 in the previous two years
  • interstate Year 12 student
  • a New Zealand school leaver *
  • gap year student
  • an International Baccalaureate student **

*Please note key application dates for some interstate and New Zealand applicants are different from Victorian applicants.

**For more information on the International Baccalaureate, visit the International Baccalaureate website, or VTAC for IB score to ATAR conversion.

Non-Year 12 applicants

You are a non-school leaver if you:

  • are a TAFE/VET/higher education graduate
  • are a private provider student
  • have current or previous work experience
  • are a current university student
  • are a mature-age applicant.

Alternately, you may not have studied before, but you can still apply for undergraduate study through Deakin's Access and Equity Program.

Mature age applicants

Everyone applying through VTAC uses the same course application. There are no specific requirements for mature age applicants, other than the minimum academic entry requirements (the completion of Year 12 with an ATAR score, a Certificate IV or a Diploma).

Deakin does provide consideration for mature age entry under the Special Entry Access Scheme. You are classified as a mature age student for these purposes if you are moving into tertiary study and are 21 years or over on 1 January of the year of intake.

Visit the Special Entry Access Scheme page for more information on mature age entry and other special categories of applicants.

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Local student

You are considered to be a local student if you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, an Australian permanent resident or the holder of a permanent humanitarian visa.

Learn more about applying for study as a local student

International student

Deakin University defines an international student as any student living in Australia with temporary resident status, provided there is no limitation on study; or any student living abroad who is not an Australian citizen and does not have permanent residency in Australia (this includes students studying at Offshore Teaching Partners).

Learn more about applying for study as an international student

Attendance Mode

Campus student

For campus students, the dominant mode of delivery is through attendance at classes and tutorials in person at a Deakin campus, centre, affiliated industry or other physical site.

Classes vary in size from 20 to 600 students; tutorials are generally smaller, more informal and allow for open discussion of issues raised in classes.

Assessment may take a variety of forms, including written work and tests undertaken in class, participation in class or laboratory sessions and final examinations each trimester. Fieldwork or practical experience can also form a large part of the content and assessment of some units.

Cloud Campus student 

Cloud Campus students take courses that are offered by distance education, which are the same as campus courses; the only difference is that rather than attend classes in person, Cloud Campus students study away from campus using online technologies, study guides and reading lists. 

The dominant mode of delivery is through the University's online environment. There may or may not be compulsory contact hours online. In some units, students may be required to attend an event such as an exam or an assessment at a designated physical site.

Learn more about online study

Non-degree students

DUELI student

Students undertake an English language course at Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI) to:

  • enhance their English language skills for personal and professional development
  • develop their English skills to meet the English language requirements for enrolment into a Deakin undergraduate or postgraduate course
  • prepare for the IELTS test.

Study abroad student

Students enrolled at an overseas university become 'study abroad' students to study for a trimester or a full academic year at Deakin. 

Study abroad students can experience the full diversity and beauty of Australia's landscape and culture, while gaining credit for their degrees back home. 

They are normally required to pay tuition and student activity fees to Deakin directly.

Exchange student

Deakin University has formal exchange agreements with a number of universities around the world. 

Students enrolled at one of Deakin's designated exchange partners are eligible to come to Deakin as an exchange student. They can study for one trimester or a full academic year and receive credit towards their home degree. 

Exchange programs are run on a reciprocal basis, so students will continue to pay their tuition and student activity fees at their home university, rather than paying tuition fees to Deakin.

Non-award students

Non-award students are enrolled in a single unit, which does not lead to a degree. They pay full fees for their unit. 

You might enrol in a single unit to pursue a personal or professional interest or see what university study is like. 

Non-award students have the privileges and responsibilities of a Deakin student.

Cross-institutional student

Cross-institutional students are either enrolled in their course at another university and taking one unit at Deakin or enrolled in a course at Deakin and taking one unit at another university. Faculties of both institutions must agree.

Qualifying programs/pathways student

Students who do not meet the academic admission requirements for Deakin can choose to complete a course at one of Deakin's pathway providers which, on completion and meeting requirements, may allow them direct admission into the second year of selected Deakin undergraduate courses.

Deakin's pathway providers are:

  • Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology
  • Box Hill Institute
  • The Gordon
  • South West Institute of TAFE
  • Chisholm Institute
  • Holmesglen