Optometry and vision science research

Deakin’s School of Medicine encompasses many optometry research groups that investigate a range of important topics related to optometry and vision science, including clinic-based research and laboratory-based research on the eye and its health, functions and diseases.

Deakin Collaborative Eye Care Clinic

Our optometry research labs, including the colour vision clinic, are located within the Deakin Collaborative Eye Care Clinic (DCECC). DCECC is overseen by our School of Medicine, and used by many of our optometry and research students studying Deakin's Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Optometry. It's open to the public, with services predominately focused on dry eye management and contact lens patients. Plus, Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) examinations are also conducted at the clinic by a Designated Aviation Optometrist.

The design of DCECC features six consult rooms, and provides a contemporary fit out consistent with commercial optometry practices, and reflects a typical working environment that graduates and students on placement will be exposed to in their professional life.

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Colour vision research lab

Our research aims to understand the impact of abnormal and altered colour vision perception.

The aims of the lab are to:

  • increase primary care practice understanding and access to colour vision assessment tools
  • examine the impact of colour vision defects on early educational progress
  • improve the use of colour vision markers in detection and monitoring of acquired eye pathology
  • investigate how colour can be used to maximise performance in displays.

Specialty techniques and equipment available in our lab include:

  • Colour Assessment and Diagnosis (CAD)
  • ColorDx CCT-HD (konan)
  • Goodlite True Daylight Illuminator
  • Optec 900
  • Anomaloscope
  • Arrangement tests: FM100, D15, Adams, H16, desaturated D15

The colour vision clinic is located within the Deakin Collaborative Eye Care Clinic (DCECC) and is a referral clinic for patients within the community for comprehensive colour vision assessment.


The lab currently receives funding from:

2020: Defence Science and Technology, Colour vision and displays – Collaborative Agreement MYIP9004 $95.863

Contact us

Do you have a clinical referral? Email a copy of your referral. For enquiries, please contact our researchers:

Dr Amanda Douglass
Ph: +613 5227 8565

Dr Geoff Sampson
Ph: +613 5227 3188