3D GAIT Lab research

Deakin's 3D GAIT Lab boasts the most advanced motion analysis available. Using 3D motion capture and an instrumented treadmill, it captures images on two sides of the body simultaneously. It's also the only lab in Australia to partner with the developers of 3D GAIT, enabling access to the world's largest database of 3D biomechanical walking and running data.

Our areas of interest

  • Foot orthotics
  • Gait retraining in the management of anterior knee pain

Take part in our next project

Do you suffer from anterior knee pain?We're currently looking for people aged 18 to 50 who experience pain at the front of the knee when they run. Take part and you'll receive a three-dimensional gait analysis and six-week treatment for free.This research project is investigating how retraining your gait could manage anterior knee pain.

Our researcher

Dr Jason Bonacci
Dr Bonacci's research interests include the neuromuscular adaptations that occur with training and injury and how these adaptations relate to exercise performance. His research takes a neurophysiological approach to understanding human performance and musculoskeletal injury.

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