Director's welcome

The WHO Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention is building a large base of high-quality research to inform the decisions which will lead to reversing the obesity epidemic in Australia and globally.

Since inception in 2003, our research team has conducted extensive studies on obesity prevention research in children and adolescents. We have established a large portfolio of activities in research, training, knowledge translation, advocacy, and expert advisory services for WHO and government agencies in Australia and internationally.

More recently we havecombined with five other related research groups and together comprise Deakin Population Health. Our team of emerging research leaders, world class collaborators, and exceptional international networks have resulted in our research programs shaping policy and practice in Australia and internationally.

Our success in securing funding from nationally competitive grant schemes, public sector and industry sources and various philanthropic trusts confirms our reputation as a leader in the field of obesity prevention research.


Boyd Swinburn

Alfred Deakin Professor
Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention

Boyd Swinburn