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Psychology graduates have particularly high employment prospects, especially when they've studied at Deakin. Our numerous partnerships help students and researchers launch successful careers.

Our disciplines

All the undergraduate and postgraduate courses we offer at the School of Psychology are grouped into several disciplines:

Your psychology degree – your way

There's a rich diversity of employment opportunities for psychology graduates. Past Deakin students work in mental and general health settings, the criminal justice system, business and industry, education, media, marketing, sports and, of course, research.

Study online

At undergraduate level, almost a third of our students study online. We have students living as far away as Alaska, as remote as the North-West Kimberley and as nearby as Footscray.

Fast track or study part time

With Deakin's trimester system it's possible to complete an entire psychology degree in just two years. On the other hand, you might choose to space your course out and study part time while you work or parent.

I've gained so much confidence in myself, and been given the space and support to figure out who I want to be and how to get there. Deakin has allowed me to find my strengths.

Emma Stephens

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)

Psychology careers

A psychology qualification can prepare you for many diverse, exciting career paths. While some psychology graduates go on to become registered psychologists, many others will pursue roles in complementary professions or entirely different fields.

Careers in psychology-related fields are always evolving; there are plenty of opportunities to tailor your studies aimed towards specific areas you're interested in – including some you may not have considered.

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Online resources

We offer students a variety of unique and immersive online resources to enhance and support their learning journey.

Deakin Psychology Online: Explore the possibilities is a resource that showcases examples from within the teaching and learning space, including three different virtual experiences that allow students to practise clinical skills, gather and analyse information about different kinds of clients, and interview a young child within a forensic setting.

The resource also offers samples of interactive quizzes, as well as a snapshot of the school's interactive and student-centred learning environments.

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Professionally accredited courses

All of the psychology courses offered at Deakin meet the requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia and the Australian Psychological Society (APS)*, translating into excellent job and career opportunities for our graduates.

*Excluding the Bachelor of Psychology (Professional Streams)


Psychology Board of Australia

Experience in the workplace

Some of our psychology courses offer units in practical work experience. We partner with a large number of diverse organisations in Australia and around the world, to give you as much choice in your placement as possible. Proven ability to apply your knowledge in a work situation is one of the most valuable skills you can provide to a prospective employer.

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Already a registered psychologist?

If you're already a registered psychologist, Deakin offers a supervisor training program approved by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA). 

The program's designed to meet the needs of registered psychologists who seek or wish to retain supervisor endorsement for supervising colleagues, students and others. 

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Prolific research and the latest facilities

Our researchers work in an environment that's extremely well-equipped with cutting-edge equipment. For example, our Cognitive Neuroscience Unit (CNU) team use techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and electroencephalography (EEG). 

We are prolific publishers and our research is known across the world.

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Our staff

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