Psychology careers

Where can a psychology degree take me?

A psychology qualification can prepare you for many diverse, exciting career paths. While some psychology graduates go on to become registered psychologists, many others will pursue roles in complementary professions or entirely different fields.

These career fields can be broken into nine domains. Find out more about the careers you can expect to find in each of them, including roles and responsibilities, skills, qualifications and experience.

Building your career

Throughout your degree, you'll have the chance to collaborate on a number of projects with industry figures. This hands-on work experience will allow you to build a network of professionals, giving you a head start in your career journey. Graduate ready to face real-world problems with confidence.

Shape your future, your way

If you've completed an undergraduate degree in psychology and are considering going on to postgraduate study (either in psychology or a complementary area), we have a range of courses available, including:

Courses for further study

There are also short courses available through a range of institutions (including online study), such as certificate and diploma-level qualifications. These are an additional requirement for many of the roles that psychology graduates pursue. For many of the jobs listed within the community sector, skills and experience in counselling are required.

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Volunteering gives you a taste of different types of work across various sectors and offers valuable, real-world experience. Not only that, it may open your mind to a certain aspect of psychology you previously hadn’t considered.

Gain professional experience

Volunteer work gives you opportunities to network and build valuable relationships. Prospective employers look very highly upon graduates who've committed time to volunteer work specific to their sector. Some graduates have even found that volunteering has led directly to paid employment.

There are many organisations that offer volunteering programs across Victoria. These centres can connect you with the appropriate opportunities and organisations in your local area. Some Volunteer Resource Centres across Victoria are:

Other useful volunteering sites include:

Make sure you look out for any Deakin volunteering units that could fit into the course structure of your undergraduate degree.