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Deakin has more than 2000 research experts, many of them ranked among the top 1% globally. We provide a qualified team of at least two supervisors who will guide and support you through every stage of your research degree or PhD. No matter what your passion is, we’re committed to broadening your career opportunities through accredited research training and industry placement.

How to find a research supervisor

  1. Consider your research topic

    Before applying to become a research degree or PhD candidate, you'll need to think about what problem, theory or idea you want to solve. Explore Deakin's five research strengths to consider a topic that aligns with the innovative research we are undertaking.
  2. Explore our research community

    Our research community spans our faculties and schools, institutes, centres and groups, as well as a thriving network of collaborations and partnerships. Find a research institute, centre, group or partnership and discover where you can get your research done.

  3. Get in touch with our leading experts

    Once you have considered a topic and explored our research community, you'll need to get in contact with our leading experts to discuss your research interests and supervision opportunities. Use our handy tool to find a research institute, centre, group or partnership or contact one of our four faculties:

How to apply

You’ve found a supervisor, now it’s time to join 6500+ research students and work alongside some of the world's brightest and most accomplished academics.

My supervisor trusted my skills and motivations despite me not having direct work experience. I love my supervisor’s flexibility when managing my PhD project. This experience helped me understand that your supervisor is there to provide project guidance, but at the end of the day it is your project.

Anne Eichholtzer

PhD in conservation science

Choosing the right supervisor for you

We know doing a research degree or PhD is a big commitment and choosing a supervisor can be a critical first step. To help you find an ideal, dedicated supervisor in your field, here are some things you might want to consider:

  • what areas of research the supervisor specialises in or has previously had experience supervising
  • preferred working relationship and communication style
  • the research culture at their workplace
  • the outcomes of previous candidates the supervisor worked with.

What to expect from your supervisor?

If you're offered a place as a research candidate, Deakin will provide a qualified team of at least two supervisors recommended by the Head of Academic Unit and Faculty Executive Dean. They will provide instruction, assistance and a sounding board for ideas, as well as being available to review written material. Towards the end of the project, you’ll become the authority on the topic and your supervisor will become a senior colleague.

How Deakin’s supervisors provide support

Gaining a competitive advantage with an industry placement

During her PhD, Dr Bigelow shares how her supervisor played an important role in securing her industry placement.

Bringing cosmos into the classroom

With the support of world-leading supervisors within his field of astronomy, Dr Saeed Salimpour's work in cosmology is inspiring new generations to be true citizens of the cosmos.

Promoting science education

PhD candidate Amrita describes her supervisors as the ‘perfect mentors’ to help strength her academic profile.

Supporting AI and humans to effectively collaborate

Arun shares how he was mentored and supervised by internationally renowned computer sciences across his PhD journey.

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