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At the School of Psychology we have several research centres, each one working closely with numerous external organisations to translate research into action. These partnerships provide our research students with exceptional opportunities to work on meaningful programs that make a real difference.

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Deakin offers an exciting program of research in psychology with expert supervisors, connected to national and international research teams. Our research degrees match a variety of career plans and personal circumstances, and you can study on or off campus, full time or part time. We currently have research degree supervisors available in:

  • addiction e.g. alcohol, tobacco, gambling
  • antisocial behaviour and risk taking
  • attachment
  • child, adolescent and youth development
  • clinical psychology and mental health
  • cognitive neuroscience
    • neurodevelopmental disorders e.g. autism, ADHD
    • organisational psychology
    • psychological aspects of chronic illness
    • quality of life
    • relationships.

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Our research centres

Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes

The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes (ACBRD) explores what it's like to live with diabetes and works to raise awareness of diabetes across Australia. It's a national research centre that provides invaluable resources to clinicians and researchers, and has a significant impact on policy.

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Australian Centre on Quality of Life

The concept of quality of life is steadily gaining influence in academia and governments. Quality of life offers many different disciplines a new way to measure success. Researchers at the Australian Centre on Quality of Life (ACQL) combine the objective measures of health and wealth with the subjective feeling of wellbeing.

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Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development

The Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development (SEED) is the School of Psychology's strategic research centre. At SEED, our researchers focus on the emotional milestones of children and young people – from birth to adulthood. Projects include early identification of problematic development, effective treatments and supporting recovery from difficult beginnings or traumatic events.

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Centre for Drug Use, Addictive and Anti-social Behaviour Research

The Deakin University Centre for Drug use, Addictive and Anti-social behaviour Research (CEDAAR) conducts research into the psychological, biological, socio-political, and clinical aspects of Alcohol and other Drug (AOD) use, other addictive behaviours, and consequent harm.

Our program is linked to the Deakin Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development (SEED), as we look to understand many of the problems associated with substance and other addictive behaviours and related harms from a developmentally informed perspective. The centre conducts federally and state-funded research on substance use, gambling, prevention, treatment, harm reduction and related problem areas such as violence, criminal justice settings, and characteristics of rural addictive behaviours.

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Cognitive Neuroscience Unit

Eligible fourth-year undergraduate and postgraduate psychology students at Deakin have access to the latest neuroscience research equipment thanks to our Cognitive Neuroscience Unit (CNU). Researchers here investigate the relationship between brain function, behaviour and cognition.

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Deakin Family and Child Study Centre

The Deakin Family and Child Study Centre (DFCSC) conducts research into how best to foster child, adolescent, and family mental health. The Centre's research draws from many different disciplines and is collaborative with a range of researchers within the School of Psychology and the Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development (SEED) as well as clinical services and schools.

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Mind-Body Research in Health Laboratory

The Mind-Body Research in Health Laboratory (MiRth) is a multi-disciplinary research lab that studies the mind-body interactions in a variety of contexts, with the aim of understanding how the mind-body connection could be harnessed to improve health.

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Science of Adult Relationships Laboratory

Research conducted at Science of Adult Relationships Laboratory (SoAR) is guided by widely studied theoretical approaches in the relationship sciences.

Our team of researches studies relationships across the entire span of adulthood, including the transition to young adulthood.

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Workplace Wellbeing, Innovation and Performance Group

The Workplace Wellbeing, Innovation and Performance Group (WWIP) brings together a community of Deakin researchers who are focused on conducting innovative research about the science and practice of people at work.

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