New calendar of events for a new world. Bringing you to where the students are to promote your graduate and vacation programs

Raising your profile at Deakin University

Are you an employer that students are desperate to work for? Do students know who you are, what you do, and who you are looking to recruit?

The key to connecting with the right graduates is by getting your brand out on campus in a number of different ways. Deakin University understands this, and provides employers with the opportunity to use a variety of mediums to raise your profile and to ensure you are at the forefront of the students' minds come graduation time.

The Graduate Employment team offers a number of services to help you raise your profile, or we can work with you to come up with a solution that's just right for your business.

Grad-Vac Program

Deakin Grad-Vac Program

Deakin's Graduate Employment team has developed a range of exciting, new ways to promote your graduate and vacation work opportunities to our students, based on face-to-face niche events and increased online profile raising opportunities to connect you with your targeted cohorts of students.

You decide how you want to connect with Deakin students!


You can promote your opportunities on the Deakin Grad-Vac blog by sending us information to post or link to:

  • Employer profiles
  • Graduate/Vacationer profiles
  • Listing of application closing dates
  • Video clips - Deakin graduates/vacationers
  • Links to employer social media platforms
  • Links to graduate directories
  • Links to career resources

Webinars - All campuses

Direct Marketing

Deakin Direct Marketing Service for Employers

The direct marketing service allows you to target specific cohorts of students in order to promote career related events and employment opportunities. Cohorts of students can be identified by campus, degree, year level, major, domestic/international and on/off campus status. By sending a targeted email or mail-out, you can be sure the right students receive your promotion, at the right time.

Fees for Email Service
*Research/administration: $66 (includes GST)
Cost per email $1.10 (includes GST)
You supply the short blurb to be included in the email.

Fees for Mail Service
*Research/administration: $66 (includes GST).
Cost per envelope: $2.20 (includes GST)
You supply the hard copy promotional material to be posted to students and we post it in Deakin envelopes.

*Please note the $66 research/administration fee will apply to any research conducted, even if it does not result in an email out to students.

Direct marketing request

Email the Graduate Employment team with your direct marketing request, and include the following information:

  • the student cohort you interested in. This can be as big as an entire Faculty, or quite specific, eg. final year, domestic, accounting students, located on the Melbourne Burwood campus.
  • the date you would like the marketing to be sent out. Please note that we will need at least 5 business days to compile the students details.
  • and your invoice information (name, title, address, phone number and ABN).


For all correspondence that the Graduate Employment team sends on behalf of an organisation, the following disclaimer must be included:

This information has been sent to you by Deakin University's Graduate Employment Division, without disclosure of your name and address details to the prospective employer. The provision of this information does not constitute an endorsement by the University of the merits or otherwise of the prospective employer which has provided the information. The University is simply passing on information which may assist you in your job search. You should make your own enquiries to verify the information.


Event promotion on Unihub's Event Calendar

If you are running course-related career events, such as networking events, information seminars or other professional development opportunities, we can advertise these for you, free of charge, on our online Event Calendar (hosted on the Unihub website).

We have, on average, over 13,000 student log ins to the Unihub website per month.

Please email the Graduate Employment team with the following information:

  • Event title
  • Start and end date/time
  • Description of the event
  • Venue information
  • Contact details
  • and attach any flyers or extra information that you would like included.

We will be in touch with any questions or to let you know that the event has been listed.

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