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Offer internships and work experience

Deakin University offers employers a number of ways to utilise students in the workplace. Internships and Work Placements cover a range of programs across Deakin University Faculties.

The purpose of this site is to assist employers with information on:

  • The range of ways in which organisations can employ a student
  • The range of courses our students study and the skills and knowledge our students can offer
  • A step-by-step process to identify and recruit the right student for your organisation

There are a range of work integrated learning programs within the faculties and divisions at Deakin. 

Employers can also employ Deakin students in a part time, casual or full time capacity, or through vacation work programs and volunteer positions.

If you would like to know more about these programs, please refer to the expression of interest form below.

What you need to know to employ a Deakin student.

Benefits to employers

Employers can derive great benefit from employing or hosting a student undertaking an internship or work placement:

Generating innovative solutions
Employers can engage with the next generation of students, who are at the cutting edge of research and practice. Students can bring a fresh and dynamic approach to developing solutions for your organisation's work tasks and projects.

Contributing to business outcomes
Students provide a cost effective resource to achieve project outcomes which contributes to the organisation's strategic objectives.

Minimal costs
Students are able to undertake projects that organisations may not have the resources to explore, particularly not-for-profits and small to medium enterprises. Internship and work placement opportunities often do not require payment at all.

Opportunity for staff professional development
Internship and work placement opportunities provides mentoring and supervision skills for staff wishing to develop staff management skills.

Increasing your organisation's profile
Offering internship and work placement opportunities raises the profile of your organisation with staff and students as an employer of choice. It can also contribute to succession planning and facilitate recruitment of future staff.

Deakin courses


Deakin has a range of insurance policies which extend to our students whilst they are undertaking a placement with your organisation. In addition to Medicare coverage (Australian placements only) and international travel coverage (international placements only), students will be covered by:

Public Liability insurance: provides cover for the University's liability to pay compensation to a third party in respect of physical injury and/or property damage caused by a student whilst on placement with you.

Public Liability (Host Employers) insurance: provides cover for the University's liability to indemnify you as an Australian host employer for increased Workers' Compensation premium due as a result of a compensable injury to a student on placement with you.

Professional Indemnity insurance: provides cover for acts, errors or omissions committed by students whilst on placement with you in their professional duty, including medical malpractice.

Student Personal Accident insurance: provides limited cover to a student whilst on placement with you if they sustain an injury.

For additional information contact the Financial Control Team on 03 5227 2230.

Hosting a student

Preparation is the key to a successful internship or work experience, for both the students and the employer. Some tips are outlined below for preparing for the student's arrival, upon the student's arrival and at the conclusion of the project or activity:

Before the student arrives

  • Provide the student with a clear description of role
  • Ensure that role is relevant to the student's degree
  • Assign a workplace supervisor
  • If appropriate, select a buddy for the student, who can informally monitor progress and answer queries
  • Allocate a work station in accordance with occupational, health and safety requirements
  • Induction - information about the organisation
    • Organisational chart
    • Staff email and phone lists
  • Brief other staff in immediate work area of role of student
  • Where appropriate ensure appropriate email and internet access
  • Where appropriate ensure appropriate security access (eg keys)
  • Provide information in advance to student on:
    • Dress code
    • Parking (if appropriate)
    • Start time on first day

On the student's arrival

  • Introductions to appropriate staff
  • Tour of work place/site, including amenities
  • Establish expectations with the student
    • Project/activity tasks
    • Expected outcomes
    • Instructions on telephone, email and internet systems, if required
    • Brief on and schedule any training required

During the placement

  • Schedule regular meetings with workplace supervisor to monitor progress
  • Contact the Faculty supervisor or placement coordinator should any issues arise

On the student's departure

  • Meet with the student to discuss final outcomes of the project or activity
  • Complete any Faculty documentation required in to the outcome or evaluation of the student placement/activity

How we can help you

The Graduate Employment team is a one-stop shop for all student employment-related enquiries. The Graduate Employment team is able to assist organisations enquiring about employing or hosting students in internship or work placement activities.

If you are interested in employing or hosting a student, the Graduate Employment team can facilitate and answer your enquiry:

Send in the expression of interest form. The Graduate Employment team will then discuss specific requirements with employer

»»The Graduate Employment team to contact Faculty and pass on employer requirements»»Faculty to get in touch with employer within five days of original request»»Faculty to liaise with employer about the request, and proceed to organise placement

Online expression of interest form

Please complete the online expression of interest form to indicate your requirements.  After submitting a member of the Graduate Employment team will be in touch to discuss the process.

Contacting the Graduate Employment team

Please feel free to contact us using either of the below options:

Phone: 03 5227 1242

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