Disability services

Here at Deakin, we have a dedicated Disability Resource Centre (DRC). The DRC assists students with a disability, health or mental health condition to participate in university life, academically and socially.

Register when you enrol

It's a good idea to register with the Disability Resource Centre when you enrol at Deakin. You will need to provide information from a relevant health or disability professional.

Together we'll talk about services and adjustments the university can make to assist you in meeting your course requirements.

Not sure if you're eligible?

The definition of ‘disability’ from the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 is broad.

It includes physical, intellectual, psychiatric, sensory, neurological and learning disabilities. Disability can be permanent or temporary. It includes some health conditions not usually thought of as disabilities. Sole carers of people with disability may also be able to access some of our services.

Services available from the DRC

Help telling staff about your needs

We can work with you to create a Learning Access Plan (LAP), which you can use to discuss your needs with your faculty at the start of each trimester. Your LAP could include practical information and recommendations such as study adjustments, services and practices that will assist your faculty and lecturers to meet your needs.

Accessible study materials

If you need access to study materials in formats other than print, we can work with you to figure out what that format is, and work with your course coordinator to produce it. This service is particularly useful for students with a vision or hearing impairment, deafness, a learning disability or if you physically have difficulty holding a book.

Alternative assessments

If you're unable to participate in a standard assessment, we can create alternative opportunities or methods for you to demonstrate your learning. This could involve arranging more time or rest breaks during an exam, the use of a computer or a scribe (someone to write while you dictate), or coming up with different forms of assessment altogether.

Academic support workers

We have trained support workers who can assist with note-taking, provide AUSLAN interpretation or assist you in laboratories. Your disability liaison officer can help you identify the support that's right for you.

Longer library loans and off-campus library services

The library can loan you items for longer, and give you access to specialised equipment (such as wheelchair-accessible study tables and catalogue terminals). Each campus library also has a specific room equipped with assistive technology.

Assistive technology

If assessed as a reasonable adjustment, you can download accessibility software that:

  • converts text to speech
  • includes screen magnification and visual enhancement
  • lets you view or convert graphics
  • has on-screen keyboards
  • assists with calculations.

Support during practical sessions and placements

If you think you may need support during placements, excursions or off-campus sessions, let us know and we can provide a solution or arrange alternatives.

Getting around campus

We have wheelchair access to the majority of buildings on all campuses. 

In some places, the steepness of external paths means that access is restricted, but we always have accessible routes. Most buildings are equipped with lifts, accessible toilets and some automatic doors.

Where to park

Accessible (category one council permit) parking is available at all campuses. If you're a category one permit holder, you won’t need a Deakin parking permit.

Visit our parking page for more information

Living on campus

Living on campus is a great way to get involved with the Deakin community. We have accessible studio apartments and private rooms at most of our campuses.

Find out more about living on campus at Deakin

Download campus maps

Download our campus maps for locations of wheelchair accessible bathrooms, parking and buildings on all four of our physical campuses.


Melbourne Burwood Campus

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Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus

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Geelong Waterfront Campus

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