Multifaith Chaplains

Deakin Chaplaincy offers compassionate support to everyone, whether religious or not.

We understand the challenges of an ever-changing university environment. Our service is confidential so whatever you say to a chaplain will be held in confidence. Our chaplains are here to support you and you can contact us by phone or email.

Our chaplains are able to journey with anyone seeking to explore the sense of the spiritual in his or her life. Whatever your religious background, all share the same rich, deep source.

What is a chaplain?

Chaplains are people ordained and non-ordained with particular concern for those they serve in hospitals, armed forces, prisons, secondary schools and universities.

What we offer

Deakin Multifaith Chaplaincy offers:

  • help in finding a place of worship that meets your religious needs
  • a point of contact and sounding board when confronted by life’s issues – such as grief, homesickness, worry around study or relationships ..
  • guidance in discerning the best way forward for you
  • opportunities to discuss and explore religion and faith
  • prayer, reflection and workshop opportunities
  • promotion of multifaith harmony and acceptance.

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