Elite Athlete Friendly University program

Succeeding as an athlete doesn't mean sacrificing your studies. Through our Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) program, we help our elite athletes manage their academic careers against the demands of training and competition.

Who are elite athletes?

To qualify for the EAFU program, you must be an elite athlete as defined by the EAFU agreement. That means you’re probably already registered with one or more of the following groups:

  • Australian Institute of Sport 
  • State Institutes or Academies of Sport 
  • AFL Players Association 
  • Australian Cricketers Association
  • Rugby Union Players Association
  • Rugby League Professionals Association
  • Australian Professional Footballers Association 
  • National senior squad members from Coach and Athlete Career and Education
  • (CACE)-supported sport 
  • Coach Career Management Program 
  • SCOPE Program.

The support we offer our elite athletes

If you have sporting commitments or conflicts we can help you negotiate your assessment deadlines and attendance at lectures and tutorials. We can also: 

  • give you course and academic planning advice 
  • help you tailor your workload to your sports program 
  • help organise a leave of absence if you have increased sporting commitments 
  • organise for you to study at other universities or online while you’re travelling for training or competition. 

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Contact us for more information

If you have any questions about EAFU, get in touch with Professor Shilbury.

Chair, Sport Management
School of Management and Marketing
Professor David Shilbury
+61 3 9244 6164
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