Australian Laureate Fellowship for Professor Peter Hodgson confirms Deakin’s growth as a research university

22 June 2009

The appointment of Deakin University's Professor Peter Hodgson to the highly prestigious position of Australian Laureate Fellowship (ALF) confirms the University's accelerating growth as a research institution.

Peter Hodgson, the Director of Research at Deakin'sInstitute for Technology Research and Innovation (ITRI), received his award – one of just 15 elite world-class researchers so honoured – from Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. Professor Hodgson was chosen from among several hundred applicants as an outstanding researcher of international repute for his work around innovative process technologies and product approaches that aim to minimise the environmental impacts of both the production and the application of metals.

Deakin University's Vice-Chancellor Professor Sally Walker said: "This is a most significant award both for Professor Hodgson and for Deakin. I heartily congratulate Professor Hodgson on this achievement and for the recognition he brings to Deakin by his outstanding research contribution. Professor Hodgson is not only a brilliant researcher, he is also a wonderfully generous colleague who supports other staff and students."

Professor Hodgson's research, which aims to develop new metal manufacturing processes and products that will contribute to a more sustainable metal industry, including the motor vehicle industry, will have real and tangible benefits to Australia.

Professor Hodgson, a globally acknowledged expert in innovative light weight metals and advanced materials, especially for the automotive and aerospace industries, said the awarding of the ALF had come as a complete surprise.

"When I look at the quality of research that's being done here in Australia, or by Australians overseas, to be regarded in the top 15 by a body like the ARC is a great honour," he said.

"However, I can say, with all honesty, this award is not just for me, but for all the people at Deakin, and especially those within ITRI, who have worked so hard to support the vision for our University as a research based institution.

"Even though we have come a long way over the past decade or so, in many ways, this is only a beginning as Deakin strives to achieve its goal of being in the top third of research universities in Australia in terms of performance.

"But an honour like this gives us extra encouragement to keep working towards our vision."

Funding for the Australian Laureate Fellowships will commence in 2009.


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