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Dr Ly Tran

Position: Senior Lecturer in Education (Pedagogy and Curriculum)
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts & Education
Department: School of Education
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92446026 +61 3 92446026



  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Melbourne, 2007
  • Master of Education, Monash University, 2002
  • Bachelor of Arts, Hue University, 1997


American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE)

International Education Association of Australia (IEAA)

Internationalisation of the Curriculum Research Group

Vietnam Reading Group


Professional activities

Deputy Convenor, IEAA's Internationalisation of the Curriculum SIG

Unit Chair: EEE753 Becoming a Professional Educator

Curriculum, Pedagogy and Professional Learning Group

Centre for Research in Educational and Future Innovation (CREFI)

Reviewer for journals:


Higher Education


Journal of Studies in International Education

Educational Review


International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives

Asia Pacific Education Review


Accounting Education








Research Gate:

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Teaching Interests

Principles and contexts of adult learning

Managing teaching and professional experience

Working with diversity

Becoming a professional educator

Internationalisation of the curriculum

HDR Research Supervision

I am keen to supervise research students in areas related to my research interests including international education, student mobility, Vietnamese higher education, EFL teaching and learning, staff professional development, curriculum and pedagogy (please see my Research page for more details about my research focus and research grants). If you are interested in research studies in any of the above areas, please email:

Here are some PhD projects I have been involved in supervising:

* Internationalisation of Vietnamese HE Curriculum (PhD project)

* Impacts of ICT on the professional identity development of international Vietnamese postgraduate students in Australia (Postdoc project)

* A  trans-disciplinary framework for conceptualising Chinese students’ perspectives on academic integrity (PhD project)

* Saudi Arabian students' transition to a mixed-gender environment (PhD project)

* The influence of international higher education on cultural identity and the implications for home country development (PhD project).

Conferences and seminars

Invited talks

Tran, L. (2014). International student engagement: Fostering a sense of belonging to the classroom, the institution and the community. Invited presentation at the 2014 Institute Conference on engagement, William Angliss Institute. 26 June. Melbourne
Tran, L (2014). Being and becoming an international doctoral student. Invited presentation at the HDR Professional Development Seminar, Language and Learning, Deakin University. 4 June.

Tran, L. T. (2013). Themes, Challenges and Aspirations – Do we really understand the transition experience of today’s international students?. Keynote address at the Developing Practice Conference, Monash College. State Library of Victoria. 6-7 August, 2013.
Tran, L. T. (2012). Invited panel discussion at the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment Roundtable on International Education at Parliament House. Canberra. April 2012.
Tran, L. T. (2012). Engaging international students. Invited plenary talk at the National Conference on Student Engagement. Melbourne. October 2012.
Tran, L. T. (2012). International education and social justice. Invited presentation at the Sociology in Education Symposium. Melbourne. June 2012.
Tran, L. T. (2010). Which actions can be expected from groups and organizations in the community? Invited Talk at the Racism and the International Student Experience Forum, coordinated by Universities Australia, Australian Human Rights Commission and Academy of the Social Sciences Australia, Canberra, 31 March 2010.
Tran, L. T. (2010). Internationalizing the vocational education curriculum. Invited Talk at the Symposium on International education in Australia: Where to from here. Centre for the Study in Higher Education, the University of Melbourne, 9 August, 2010.
Tran, L. T. (2010). Cross-cultural doctoral and supervision experience. Invited talk at RMIT Supervisors’ Colloquium. Melbourne, 26 May 2010.
Tran, L. T. (2009). International student in vocational education: Study purposes and learning practice. Invited Talk at the Victorian TAFE International Seminar. December 2009.
Tran, L. T. (2009). Becoming a researcher in international education. Keynote talk at the International Education Association of Australia Research Conference. Melbourne, 2009.

Selected Recent  Conference Papers
Tran, L. T. (2013). The Transformative Sojourners: Vietnamese and Chinese Students in Tertiary Education. Paper presented at the American Education Research Association (AERA) 2013 Annual Meeting, San Fransico, USA, 25 April – 2 May, 2013
Tran, L. T. (2012). The Intercultural approach to VET teaching and learning. Proceedings of the AVETRA 15th Annual Conference. Canberra, April 2012
Tran, L. T. (2012). Migration, cosmopolitan identity and knowledge enhancement: Asian student mobility in Australia. Paper presented at the Panel on Ethnicity matters on higher education mobility at the Asian Conference in Education, Osaka, Japan, 25-29 October, 2012.
Tran, L. T. (2010). How relevant are Training Packages to teaching international students in the Australian VET sector? Paper presented at the 17th International Conference on Learning. Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong, 6-9 July, 2010

Tran, L. T. (2010). Stereotyping VET international students as ‘mere PR hunters’ and its impacts on their learning and wellbeing. Paper presented at the AIEC Conference. Sydney
Tran, L. T. (2009). Vietnamese Students in VET: Study Purposes and Learning Experiences. Paper presented at the Engaging with Vietnam 2nd Conference. Melbourne, November, 2009.

Tran, L. & Nyland, C. (2009). VET international students' learning practices and institutional responses. Paper presented at the JVET 8th confererence. Oxford University, UK, July 2009.

Media appearances

Topic: International VET study to break new ground
Outlet: Campus Review, Monday 2 February, 2009

Topic: The welfare of international students
Outlet: ABC Radio National, National Interest, Friday 5 June, 2009.

Topic: Is Australia still the study destination of Vietnamese students?
Outlet: Lao Dong magazine

Topic: Are VET students mere ‘PR hunters’?
Outlet: ABC Radio (magazine)

Topic: Awards open international horizons



Awards and prizes

  • 2014, Mid-career Research Award, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University
  • 2014-2017, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), Australian Research Council.
  • 2012, Early Career Researcher International Travel Award, RMIT University
  • 2009-2013, APD Fellowship, Australian Research Council
  • 2007, Prize for Best Student-authored Refereed Article, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, the University of Melbourne
  • 2007, Bursary Award for ‘Excellent Paper’ at the International Student Advisors Network of Australia (ISANA) Conference
  • 2007, Travel Award from the ALAA Conference based on the merit of submitted paper
  • 2006, Award for ‘Excellent Paper’ at the Conference of Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia 
  • 2006, Scholarship to Participate in the Asia Pacific Week, Australian National University
  • 2006, HERDSA Annual Conference Postgraduate Travel Award
  • 2002, Alumni Award for Excellence in Masters of Education, Monash University (for the Masters student graduating with the highest overall grade in Education and outstanding thesis)
  • 2003-2007, PhD Scholarship, Endeavour IPRS Scholarship from DEEWR
  • 2003-2007, PhD Allowance Scholarship, Melbourne International Research Scholarship (MIRS) from the University of Melbourne
  • 2001, ADS Scholarship from the Australian Government
  • 1997, Rector’s Award for Excellence in Bachelor of Arts, Hue University, Vietnam


Research interests

I am a senior lecturer in the School of Education, Deakin University. My research interests are broadly situated in the areas of international education, intercultural learning, staff professional development and the sociology of education. I have drawn on Positioning Theory to conceptualise international students' adaptation patterns and academics' professional practices in higher education. I have also used Bourdieu's theory to analyse the phenomenon of student mobility and teacher professional development. My ongoing research focuses on the nexus between international students' investment in overseas study and migration and the internationalisation of the student experience.

I have been a CI on a Discovery Project funded by the Australian Research Council, addressing the learning experiences of international students, teachers' professionalism, teachers' adaptation of teaching practices and the internationalisation of vocational education. Additionally, I have collaborated with researchers from Vietnam and China on various projects related to the higher education curriculum, graduate employability, internationalisation of higher education and EFL teaching and learning in Vietnam and China. One of the important outcomes of this ongoing collaborative work is our forthcoming book with Palgrave Macmillan entitled 'Higher education in Vietnam: Flexibility, mobility and practicality in the global knowledge economy'.

More recently, I have been awarded a DECRA grant from the Australian Research Council. This project investigates the impact of international students, internationalisation, global workforce mobility and the demands of the 'Asian Century' upon the professional development needs and practices of staff. The research uses an interdisciplinary sociological framework which combines positioning theory and Bourdieu's theory of social field to examine teacher professional learning.


* international education and transnational education

* international students and student mobility

* English teacher education/EFL teaching and learning

* Bourdieu's theory and students' investment in overseas education

* internationalisation of the curriculum and the student experience

* vocational education and training

* teacher professional development and professional identity

* cross-cultural pedagogies and culturally inclusive practices* culturally inclusive practices

* Vietnamese higher education curriculum and graduate employability

* internationalisation of Vietnamese HE

* teaching international students

* students’ academic writing in an intercultural context

* teacher education and the "Asian Century" 

Research grants

2015, CREFI Research Development Grant, Project title: New Colombo Plan: Australians as International Students in Asia. Project members: Ly Tran, Cate Gribble, Glen Stafford; Mentor: Jill Blackmore. Value: $15,000

ARC DECRA Project (DE140101473). Staff professional development under the impact of internationalisation and the ‘Asian Century’ (2014-2017). Value: $381,838.00

ARC Discovery Project (DP0986590), International students in the Vocational Training and Education Sector: Study Purposes, Learning Practices and Institutional Responses (2009-2013). Value: $276,000.

2014, Deakin International Research Development Grant, Project title: Minorities, mobility and migration. Project members: Halse, C., Ure, C., Kostogriz, A., Rawolle, S., Auld, G., Tran, L., Rahimi, M. Value: $13,000.

2014, CREFI Research Development Grant, Project title: Reciprocal intercultural understanding and international secondary students in Victoria. Project members: Halse, C. Rahimi, M., Rawolle, S., Tran, L., Weinmann, M., Arrowsmith, C. Value: $19,128.

2012, Chinese students in diploma and associate degree study in Australia,  (Cao Ling, Gansu Lianhe University, China and Ly Tran)
2007. International students’ purposes of investing in vocational courses. Category 1 Research Support Grant, Department of Management, Monash University.

The Safety of International Students, Queensland Government Funding,
(Chris Nyland, Helen Forbes-Mewett, Simon Marginson, Gaby Ramia, Elenawati Sawir, Sharon Smith and Ly Thi Tran).

2010. Family arrangements and children's needs of postgraduate international students studying in Australia, with Berenice Nyland, Seeding Grant, School of Education, RMIT.

Research page




Tran, L., Marginson, S., Do, H., Do, Q., Le, T., Nguyen, N., Vu, T., Pham, T., & Nguyen, H. (2014), Higher education in Vietnam: Flexibility, mobility and practicality in the global knowledge economy. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Tran, L. T. (2013). Teaching international students in vocational education: New pedagogical approaches. Camberwell: ACER Press.

Tran, L. T. (2013). International Student Adaptation to Academic Writing in Higher Education. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Tran, L. T. & Dempsey, K. (Eds) (Under contract). Internationalization in Vocational Education and Training: Transnational Perspectives. Dordrecht, the Netherlands: Springer.

Selected Forthcoming Book Chapters

Tran, L. T. (Forthcoming). Supporting students' academic and intercultural development in international education. In C.H. Ng, B. Fox & M. Nakano. (Eds.). Reforming learning and teaching in Asia-Pacific universities: Influence of globalised processes. Dordrecht: Springer.

Tran, L. & Nguyen, N. (Forthcoming). The cosmopolitan sojourners: Understanding international Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese students' motivations to study overseas using Bourdieu's work. In D. Sharpes (Ed.). Handbook on Comparative and International Studies in Education. New Jersey: Wiley Blackwell.

Wall, T. & Tran, L. (Forthcoming). Learning to be an international work-based learner. In Heyler, R. (Ed.) Work-based learning student handbook. Palgrave Macmillan.

Tran, L. & Nguyen, N. (2014). Teachers’ professional identities in the ‘contact zone’: Contradictions and possibilities in the time of international student mobility. In R. Arber, Blackmore, J. & Vongalis-Macrow, A. (Eds.). Mobile teachers and curriculum in international schooling (pp.43-62). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Wall, T. & Tran, L. (2015). A transcultural dance: Enriching work-based learning facilitation. In Heyler, R. (Ed.) Work-based learning tutor handbook. Palgrave Macmillan.

Gribble, C. & Tran, L. T. (Forthcoming). Connecting and Reconnecting with Vietnam:  Migration, Vietnamese overseas communities and social media. In C. Gomes. (Ed.). Multiethnic Southeast Asia and Social Media: Identity, Ethnicity, Community and Migration. London: Anthem Press 

Selected Forthcoming Refereed Journal Articles

Tran, L. T (forthcoming). Mobility as ‘becoming’: A Bourdieuian analysis of the factors shaping international student mobility. British Journal of Sociology of Education.

Soong, H., Tran, L., & Pham, H. (Forthcoming) Being and becoming an intercultural doctoral student. Reflective Practice.

Cao, L. & Tran, L. (Forthcoming). An insight into Chinese international students' help and information seeking manners. International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives.

Tran, L. & Nguyen, N. (2015). Re-imagining teachers' professionalism and identity under the condition of internationalisation of education. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice.

Truong, L. B. & Tran, L. T. (2014). Students’ intercultural development in Vietnamese tertiary education. Language and Intercultural Communication.

Cao, L. & Tran, L. T. (2014). Pathways from vocational education and associate degree to higher education. Asia Pacific Journal of Education.

Tran, L. T. (2013). Internationalisation of vocational education and training: An adapting curve for teachers and learners. Journal of Studies in International Education, 17(4), 492-507

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