Pass Conceded

Students enrolled in Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment courses only

This process is pursuant to Assessment (Higher Education Courses)-Procedure (sections 40 – 42)

If you are applying for a Science Engineering and Built Environment unit howeever you are completing your course in another faculty, you will need to apply to that faculty.

Students may apply to the Faculty Committee for a pass conceded grade where the final mark is between 45% and 49% (inclusive). A pass oonceded grade may be awarded where all of the following condiditons are met:

  • the student is one credit point short of completing their program of study
  • the student has not failed any hurdle requirement for the unit for which the pass conceded grade is being considered
  • the student has not been awarded a pass conceded grade for any other unit in the course or articulated suite of courses
  • the student must have received a fail grade for no more than the number of units specified below for each degree type:
Degree Number of units in which fail grade may have been received
Three-year undergraduate degree a fail grade in no more than three other units
Four- or five-year undergraduate degree a fail grade in no more than four other units
Combined degrees a fail grade in no more than two other units in the relevant degree of the combined degree program- a student is eligible to be considered for a pass conceded grade in each of the component degrees
Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma a fail in no more than one other unit
Masters by coursework a fail in no more than two other units

The Faculty will consider the recommendations of the Course Director when deciding whether to award a pass conceded grade.

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If you have any queries regarding the process, please contact the faculty campus office

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