Our research

At SEED we promote health and wellbeing from conception through childhood to adulthood and into the next generation. Through prevention and intervention strategies, we focus on addressing mental health issues and neurological disorders such as depression, eating disorders and disability.

Our research streams

Intergenerational-Early Childhood

Understanding the transition to parenthood and raising young children

From young adulthood, to parenthood and across the first four years of life, we seek to promote a secure start to emotional life within and across generations.


Understanding the transition from childhood to adolescence across the school years

This includes the fundamental neurobiological building blocks that are necessary for social-communication to thrive, connect and extend.

Adolescence-to-Young Adulthood

Understanding the transition from adolescence to young adulthood

The twenty-somethings are a defining decade where decisions made around career and family have lifelong consequences. It is an age of identity exploration, possibility and self-focus.

How we guide our research

Lifecourse and Surveillance Science

What matters?
Understanding the developmental origins of mental health and disorder.

Intervention Science

What works?
Designing interventions to promote a secure start to social and emotional life.

Translation Science

What up-scales?
Harnessing systematic-based approaches to disseminate effective interventions.

Interpersonal Neuroscience

Building the social brain