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Re-admission after Academic Exclusion 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION (please read before completing your application):

The below application is to be used to apply for course re-admission following academic exclusion. The minimum period of exclusion from a course is one academic year, pursuant to section 8.2 of Regulation 05.03 (1) - Assessment and Academic Progress in Higher Education Award Courses.

Any pending matters with the University Appeals Committee (UAC) or any external bodies (eg. Ombudsman) must be resolved before your re-admission application can be processed.

Please note: If you wish to apply for re-admission after discontinuation for reasons other than exclusion (e.g. non-payment of fees, voluntary withdrawal from studies or allowing enrolment to lapse) please visit the Apply for Re-admission web page.

Re-admission to Initial Teacher Education courses (NEW)
Students applying to readmit to initial teacher education courses will need to successfully complete the CASPer (non-academic) test which is a new Government requirement.
If you are unsure, please contact your campus FAPIC Secretary to confirm whether you would be required to complete the CASPer test.
Currently the CASPer test is available during September to January on specific dates. The next testing schedule should be available during August. Registration and payment of a fee to CASPer is required.
We recommend that if students intend to apply to readmit for Trimester 2 or Trimester 3 that they complete the CASPer at the end of the previous year due to this requirement.
For more information about CASPer please click here.

To re-commence study in Trimester 1: must apply before August 30 (of the previous year)

To re-commence study in Trimester 2: must apply before April 30

To re-commence study in Trimester 3: must apply before August 30

What to include: Your application for re-admission should outline any work, study and other actions undertaken whilst excluded, and should demonstrate why you will be more successful in your studies if re-admitted back into your course. Please explain how you have and/or plan to manage any previous issues which may have contributed to your exclusion.

Please ensure you attach copies of relevant supporting documentation to this form (eg. Resume, references, transcripts etc).

Extended Intermission Application - click here to expand

Applying for Extended Intermission 

Students wishing to apply for any further period of intermission (beyond one Academic Year) must apply to the Faculty Academic Progress and Integrity Committee (FAPIC) by completing an online application form. On this form you must provide detailed reasons why you are unable to undertake your studies in the trimester/s you wish to intermit.

You must provide appropriate documentation to support your request.

Please note: An application for extended intermission should be made at least one week before the Census date

Final Unit to Complete (FUTC) (Pass Conceded/Supplementary Assessment) - click here to expand

For all FUTC information including eligibility and application requirements please see the -

Final Unit to Complete (FUTC) Information and Application page

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For Staff: 

Visit the Faculty Staff wiki for additional information and forms specifically for staff use.


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