Bachelor of International Studies Internships

The International Internship is an experiential learning unit, where a student works with an organisation based overseas, or in some circumstances an internationally-oriented organisation based in Australia. The content of the unit is primarily the internship itself. It is not, however, simply 'work experience', and it does not involve simply shadowing staff at your host organisation. It is also not a holiday - although it can certainly be great fun and a fantastic challenge.

Your internship must be carefully planned to meet your academic and personal interests and objectives. It is expected that as an intern you will draw heavily on the competencies you have developed at Deakin University, and you are expected to have progressed sufficiently in your studies to be able to apply aspects of theory to practical workplace experiences and observations.

By the completion of your internship, you will have extended existing skills, acquired new skills and developed a broader knowledge base. This of course benefits your career pursuits. An internship also further develops your personal attributes. For example, working overseas and experiencing different cultural settings develops personal qualities such as flexibility, awareness, maturity, tolerance, and communication skills.

Information for Host Organisations:

Host Organisation Information booklet

See also: Responsibilities of Host Organisations

Admission requirements


1. Written approval from the Unit Chair.

Enrolment in an international internship unit (AIS330 or AIS331) is strictly subject to the written approval of the Unit Chair.

2. You must be enrolled in one of the following courses:

  • A326 Bachelor of International Studies
  • D338 Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Commerce
  • D323 Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Studies

3. Should be a second or third year student and have completed at least the minimum required credit points, detailed below.

Internship units are normally undertaken in late second year or third year (or equivalent). As you will draw on the core competencies you have developed through studies at Deakin University, it is expected that you will have progressed sufficiently in your studies to be able to apply aspects of theory to practical workplace experiences.

For Bachelor of International Studies students, this would normally require you to have completed at least 16 of the required 24 credit points for your course.

For Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Studies student, you are required to have completed at least 12 of your required 32 or 40 credit points.

4. Successful completion AIS201 International Studies at Work before undertaking an international internship. AIS201 is only offered in Trimester 2, so you should plan  with this in mind.

Units available

Two international internship units available:

  • AIS330 International Internship A (2 credit points). Requires minimum of 20 working days full- time, or part-time equivalent. This unit is available for both domestic and international placements.
  • AIS331 International Internship B (4 credit points). Required minimum of 40 working days full-time. This unit is available for international placements only. 

Both units are available in Trimester 1, Trimester 2 and Trimester 3 each year.

At the discretion of the parties concerned, the practical hours may be completed in one block, or separated into allocated days over a longer period. Placements overseas are typically completed in one block.

Enrolling in internship units in StudentConnect
It will not be possible to self-enrol in an internship unit until the Unit Chair has approved your placement with a host organisation.

To satisfy any formal university enrolment requirements for the relevant trimester, you may need to consider enrolling in an alternative unit and then substitute it with the internship unit in due course.

The Work Integrated Learning Office will advise you in writing when you will have access to self-enrol via StudentConnect.

Intern responsibilities

  • Unless otherwise stated or agreed the intern is responsible for all costs associated with: travel to and from the organisation, passports and visas, accommodation and living, travel insurance, vaccinations, health insurance, clothing and personal expenses and other incidental expenses incurred during the course of internship. The host organisation is not obliged to pay the student while undertaking an internship.
  • To dress and behave in an appropriate and culturally sensitive manner. When engaging in internship activities it is appropriate that interns dress somewhat more formally than is generally the case on University campuses.
  • To attend a placement with the host organisation on the agreed time basis and advise their supervisor at the earliest opportunity if unable to attend on any given day or days due to illness or such. Any accident or injury must be reported to both the host organisation supervisor and the Internship Unit Chair.
  • To maintain regular contact with the Internship Unit Chair via a reflective online journal or other appropriate means.
  • When approaching third parties for information it is appropriate that interns explain that they are a Deakin University student completing an internship under the supervision of 'x' at 'y' organisation. It is important that interns do not convey the impression that they are employees of either the University or the host organisation.
  • Interns are bound by the rules, regulations, protocols, procedures and by-laws of the host organisation, as advised to them by the host organisation, and are required to maintain the confidentiality of information concerning the business affairs of the host organisation.

Who to contact 

Enquiries regarding your internship placement options, approval, academic supervisor while on placement, please contact:

Enquiries regarding enrolment in the internship unit, travel arrangements and insurance once your placement has been approved, please contact the Arts and Education Work Integrated Learning Office:

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