Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Introduction - practice education

Practice Education is a major component of the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy degree. In order to satisfy the requirements of the degree each student much complete 1000 hours of work experience within the industry working with qualified occupational therapists.

This website is designed to provide information to current and future students, practice education agencies, and supervisors with easy access to information, policy and forms used in the Deakin University's Occupational Science and Therapy practice education program.

The student practice education manual provides help to students studying fieldwork. Please refer to the manual for important information, located under the Practice Education downloads link on the left hand menu.

Hand TherapyHand therapists are occupational therapists that specialise in the rehabilitation of patients who have experienced trauma to their hand, elbow or shoulder.

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If you are having any difficulties with regards to practice education, please seek assistance immediately to help resolve any issues that you may be facing. The Practice Education team consists Unit Chairs whose units contain a practice education component, Deakin Practice Education Supervisors, and Practice Education Administration.

Current Students and Agencies

Deakin University Occupational Science and Therapy Practice Education Staff

Heather Ring, Administrative Officer - Practice Education Placements
Location: D4.326.01, Waterfront Campus
Phone 03 5227 8643 Fax 03 5227 8371

Kelli Nicola-Richmond - Practice Education Coordinator
Phone 03 5227 8418

Deakin Practice Education Facilitators (DPEFs)

Pearse Fay
Phone: 5227 8322

Danielle Hitch
Phone: 0406 932 734

Tara Roberts (OWLs Co-ordinator)
Phone: 5227 8360

Nikki Lyons
Phone: 0419 511 442

Johanne Walker
Phone: 5227 8333

Please note that DPEFs have requested that they be called during business hours ONLY (unless in an emergency when using their private mobile phone numbers

Units Chairs / Lecturers

Genevieve Pepin - Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator
Phone 03 5227 8462

Professor Karen Stagnitti
Phone 03 5227 8370

Associate Professor Lynne Adamson
Phone 03 5227 8370 Fax 03 5227 8371

Helen Larkin - Senior Lecturer and Unit Chair
Phone 03 5227 8337

Chloe O'Connor - Lecturer and Unit Chair
Phone 03 5227 8572

Johanne Walker - Lecturer and Unit Chair
Phone 03 5227 8333

Kieva Richards - Lecturer and Unit Chair
Phone 03 5227 8079

Pearse Fay - Lecturer and Unit Chair
Phone 03 52278322

Kelli Nicola-Richmond - Lecturer and Unit Chair
Phone 03 52278418

Student Life

Deakin University's Student Life offers students a wide variety of services that include counselling, issues affecting study and motivation issues.

Information for prospective Practice Educators 

Please visit our page for Innovation and Evaluation Placements for Practice Educators.

Practice Education Unit Information

Please note: The Practice Education Manual contains all the appendices. As some of the appendices contain documents that are required to be filled out before you commence your Practice Education Placement, these have also been added separately for ease of re-downloading.

There are both student and supervisor versions of the Deakin OT Practice Education Manual. These can be downloaded in full here.

Occupational Therapy Practice Educator Manual for Educators (PDF, 292.5 KB)

Occupational Therapy Student Practice Education Manual (PDF, 226.0 KB)

Other Documents

Confidentiality Agreement (PDF, 45.1 KB)

Deakin University Accident And Hazard Form (PDF, 40.1 KB)

OST Practice Education Timesheet (PDF, 54.7 KB)

Practice Education Special Circumstances And Areas Of Interest Form (PDF, 94.6 KB)

Pre Practice Education Checklist (PDF, 66.5 KB)

Student Emergency Contact Form (PDF, 68.0 KB)

Working With Children Check Procedure (PDF, 48.0 KB)

Learning Plan for Practice Education (PDF, 119 KB)

Practice Education Feedback form (PDF 94 KB)


Bi-annual newsletters from the Practice Education team.

August 2015 (pdf, 264 KB)

December 2014 (pdf, 1,254 KB)

July 2014 (pdf, 358 KB)

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