Peer Support Network

The Peer Support Network Program (PSN) helps support new students with their transition to university life and also gives opportunity to current students to gain valuable skills whilst sharing experiences.

Why should I be part of the Peer Support Network?

The PSN Program provides a supportive environment in which you will be able to hear from current students who have gone through similar experiences to what you will experience.

Why should I become a Peer Support Network Leader?

By choosing to become a PSN Program Leader, you will join an environment in which you will be able to assist and mentor new students who are starting university life.

Benefits include:

  • Meeting on a weekly basis to hear experiences and hear stories
  • Understand the expectations and requirements of being an university student
  • Direction to student support services available to you
  • A friendly face to talk to

Benefits include:

  • Mentoring new students as they become accustomed to university
  • Share experiences, stories and your university journey so far
  • Gain experience and interpersonal skills
  • Professional development from experienced staff
  • A sense of satisfaction and accomplishment

Find out more about how to join the program as a member.

Find out more about how to join the program as a leader.


For more information or any queries regarding the program, please contact:

Kasia Quail
Peer Support Network Coordinator
Phone: +61 3 522 71407

Peer support leaders

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