Start Anytime FAQ

At SEBE we understand juggling work, life and study can be complicated. With Start Anytime you can begin a WIL unit at any time of the year. This means that you can start an Internship or an IBL placement anytime. Start Anytime units are not linked to a trimester but instead a Study Period (SP).

What is ‘Start Anytime’?

Deakin’s Start Anytime units are designed to help you learn in a way that suits your lifestyle. Start Anytime means that you can start a placement anytime in the year* giving you more flexibility, as long as you can fit it in your course. For example, if you are offered a placement in the middle of a trimester, you will still be able to start the placement and be enrolled in the placement unit, so you won’t need to wait until the next trimester.

*Please note that you will have to meet the unit requirements. 

What’s the benefit of ‘Start Anytime’?

A work placement opportunity can present itself at any time – before, during and at the end of a Trimester. We’ve recognised this and now you’ll be able to accept the offer for your placement to start it anytime that suits both you and the host organisation.

Which SEBE WIL units are ‘Start Anytime’?

  • STP301 Industry based learning (IBL) – min 6 weeks - max 48 weeks full time or part time paid placement
  • STP381 STEM Placement - 152-160 hours unpaid placement
  • STP341 Career Placement - 100-120 hours unpaid placement

Please refer to the website for further information on the unit requirements.

How do I enrol?

The SEBE WIL units (STP301, STP381 and STP341) are locked units. This means that you cannot self-enrol until the Faculty WIL Team opens the unit for you to enrol. This only happens after your placement has been approved. You must complete the Introduction to Work Placement unit (STP010) prior to your placement, you enrol in this 0 credit point unit via StudentConnect.

What if I am an international student?

The procedures are the same for both international and domestic students. As long as you can fit the placement unit in your course and you meet the unit requirements, you will be able to enrol in a Start Anytime placement unit.

What support and resources are available?

Each unit has a full suite of Unit Chair videos, tips and instructions in CloudDeakin to help you navigate your way through the placement unit. You will access the unit once you are enrolled in the unit.

What does it cost?

As Start Anytime changes only the time you can commence your placement from a ‘trimester’ to a ‘study period’, the fee for the WIL units does not alter. Therefore there isn’t a change to the fees incurred for WIL units due to the Start Anytime availability.

Please refer to the Handbook for the most up to date fees.

Can I do both ‘Start Anytime’ units and timetabled study units at the same time?

Yes, providing they fit into your course structure and your study load.

What will appear on my transcript?

The unit code, your mark and grade - the same as all for your other units.

Where can I find out more about the SEBE WIL units?

For further information about the placement units, please refer to the SEBE WIL website.

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