Administration and enrolment

Academic calendar
The Academic Calendar is approved by Academic Board and forms the basis of the Important Dates for each study period\n\nFind out more at Academic Calendar. See important dates.
Adding units
See withdrawing / adding units
Advanced Standing
See Credit for prior learning
Assignment extensions
The unit chair can provide students with information about assignment extensions for the unit. Students can also check the unit guide for details.
CBD (Community-Based Delivery)
CBD courses and units, like Deakin's Institute of Koorie Education (IKE), combine on and off-campus teaching to help Indigenous Australian students undertake their studies without missing any family or community obligations
See Department of Human Services
Change of name and address
If you change your name or address, you must update your details immediately. You can update your address via StudentConnect and your name at Deakin Central or via email to (making sure you attach certified documentation to support your name change).
Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number
Computer standards
Deakin recommends computer standards which you should check to ensure you can make the most out of your learning experience.
Concession card
For information about concession cards and lodging applications, visit  Public Transport Travel Concessions  . Eligible students can download a pre-populated Travel Concession Form from StudentConnect. You need to print this in colour and lodge your application.
Contact details
See Directory of staff
Course advisers
A Faculty course adviser can help students with unit selection. Students should contact a course adviser before varying enrolment to make sure the course and unit rules are being followed.\n\nFind out more at DeakinSync under help & feedback or go to Faculty course advisers and enrolment officers.
Course guides
Course rules can be accessed online through the Deakin handbook.
Credit for prior learning
Credit granted for relevant prior learning (including formal  informal and non-formal learning).
Deakin Central
A one stop shop located on the Geelong Campus at Waurn Ponds  Melbourne Campus at Burwood and Warrnambool Campus that can assist with all student administration enquiries  including: graduations; course information; results; exam periods; admissions; enrolments and fees. Deakin Central also provides the following services: production  replacement and value-loading of Deakin Cards; official academic transcripts and archive transcripts; payment of fees; information regarding IT services; purchase of parking tickets; authorisation of travel concession forms.
Deakins Elite Athlete Friendly University
Deakin is a member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) network. The network consists of the Australian Institute of Sport and State Based Institute of Sport and five professional sports.\n\nDeakin has signed an agreement with the Australian Sports Commission to support the integration of Australian elite athletes sporting and academic aspirations. Deakin, as one of Australia foremost sport universities, is dedicated to supporting elite athletes in their quest to integrate academic success with the demands of training and competition.\n\nThe agreement can allow some flexibility for athletes whilst studying at Deakin. The EAFU agreement provides a specific definition of an elite athlete. Financial support may also be available through DUSA via the Elite Athlete Grant program.\n\nFind out more on the Deakin Spirit website.
Department of Human Services
Visit the Department of Human Services website for  information on payments and services to support students while studying. A free iPhone app Express Plus is also available to download to view payment history, update study details and much more.
Discontinuation of course
If you are considering discontinuing your course, first seek advice or counselling from your Faculty course adviser and enrolment officer and staff within Student Life. If you decide to discontinue, please complete the online discontinuation process via StudentConnect.\n\nSee also WITHDRAWING FROM STUDY
Equivalent Full-Time Student Load.\nEFTSU was the term ' Equivalent Full-time Student Unit' used in publications and data prior to 2005
A restriction placed on a student's enrolment for breaching specified due dates or conditions relating to matters such as enrolment fees library loans residential fees or student loans. Encumbrances limit students' access to services provided by the University. Such encumbrances may block provision of a range of important services such as library access result release re-enrolment variation to enrolment and graduation.
Exchange programs
See Study abroad
Australian Government loan program to help eligible domestic fee paying students pay their tuition fees. Fee-Higher Education Loan Program.
First-year students
Information about how to get ready for and get started at University is available online.\n\nFind out more at DeakinSync under Get Started or Get Involved or go directly to the Get started website.
Australian Government loan program to help eligible Commonwealth supported students to pay their student contribution amounts. Higher Education Contribution Scheme  Higher Education Loan Program.
ID Card
See Deakin Card
Important dates
Check the important dates  each teaching period for fee payments, dates to withdraw from units, census dates, exam dates, result release and more.\n\nYou can also access the information from  DeakinSync under  Enrolment, fees & money/visas

Invoices are generated through StudentConnect and should be generated then checked by students at the start of each study period. You should also check your invoice again if you change your enrolment and after making a payment.


The enrolment and payment options are listed on the invoice.


Find out more at DeakinSync under Enrolment, fees & money or go directly to StudentConnect.

Major Sequence
a group of related units approved by the Faculty Board and listed in the University Handbook amounting to a minimum of 6 credit points  with at least 2 credit points in each of levels 2 and 3 of the course.
A group of related units approved by a faculty board and listed in the handbook  taken over two levels and amounting to a minimum of four credit points. Submajors are not included on academic transcripts or testamurs.
Overseas Study?...Higher Education Loan Program
Overseas study
See Study Abroad
Each year you will be sent information about how and when to re-enrol for the next year.\n\nSee also ENROLMENT
Refunds and remission of debt
In special circumstances, if you withdraw from your studies or reduce your enrolment load after the relevant census dates, you can apply to have certain fees and payments re-credited or refunded. There are strict guidelines for remission of debt, so it is important you seek advice from your Faculty.\n\nFind out more on the Fees website.
Results release
Results are available online on the official day of results release for each study period. You can also register to receive your results by SMS.\n\nFind out more at DeakinSync under  Studying or go directly to  Result release 
The Student Amenities Higher Education Loan Program is a loan scheme that allows eligible students to defer all or part of the cost of the Student Services and Amenities Fee.
A prefix which may need to be entered as a prefix (to the front of) to your Student Number when completing Deakin University forms.
Student Timetable Allocation and Registration
Student Connect
A web based administration portal which allows access to student enrolment details.
Student ID
See Deakin Card
Student Services and Amenities Fee
A fee that higher education providers can charge their students for student services and amenities of a non-academic nature  such as sporting and recreational activities  employment and career advice  child care  financial advice and food services.
Study abroad
At Deakin students can take part in overseas exchange, study abroad, international internship or volunteering opportunities. Study overseas can be for a few weeks, a trimester or a year as part of a degree.\n\nT:            03 9244 6963\n               03 9244 6664\n               03 9244 5231\n\nE:  \n\nFind out more at DeakinSync under  Studying or go directly to Deakin Abroad.
Study Assist
Study Assist provides information for students about government assistance for financing tertiary study.
A group of related units approved by a faculty board and listed in the [ \n Handbook], taken over two levels and amounting to a minimum of four credit points.  Sub-majors are not included on academic transcripts or testamurs.  Also referred to as a minor.
There are a range of circumstances in which your enrolment will be terminated. You will lose access to all Deakin services including CloudDeakin, email, StudentConnect and the Library. Further information can be found in the Fees and charges guide on the  Fees website.
A certificate of merit or proficiency presented at graduation.
See Academic transcript
The method of organisation of the teaching year. At Deakin there are three trimesters; trimester 1 runs from February to July; trimester 2 runs from July to November; trimester 3 runs from November to February.
Unit guide
A reference for students providing specific information or instruction about a unit.
See Password and username
Weighted Average Mark (WAM)
Formal termination by a student of enrolment in a unit  component or course other than by intermission.
Withdrawing from study
If you are considering withdrawing from study, you may find it helpful to talk with staff before you make your final decision. A personal counsellor, language and learning adviser or your unit chair will all be able to provide confidential advice.\n\nSee also DISCONTINUATION OF COURSE.\n\nFind out more at DeakinSync under Enrolment, fees and money/visas or  Intermit or discontinue 
Withdrawing/adding units
If you want to change your enrolment you need to do so via StudentConnect, which you can access from the top menu bar within DeakinSync.  Check the Handbook as changes to enrolment must be in keeping with relevant course and unit rules, so it is best to discuss this with a  Faculty course adviser and enrolment officer before making changes. Enrolment variations may also result in a reassessment of fees.\n\nFind out more at DeakinSync under  Enrolment, fees and money or go directly to Enrol, defer, withdraw or transfer
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