DUELI courses

DUELI students can choose among the following courses:

Intensive Academic Preparation (IAP)

  • Level: Advanced
  • Duration: 5 weeks

The IAP program is a five-week program for high-level students with IELTS 6.5 or above (or equivalent). Students who have met the admission requirements of university would benefit greatly from this program.

Each week of the IAP program focuses on a range of tasks and academic themes. You are given specific tasks that ensure that you develop the writing, reading, listening and speaking skills needed to achieve success at university. This is a high-level course for students who wish to excel in their university program.
The IAP program will enable you to:

  • use catalogue and database searching techniques to locate relevant articles
  • critically analyse research articles
  • paraphrase and summarise information
  • negotiate a research proposal
  • edit and re-draft information
  • use appropriate referencing
  • plan an appropriate research design
  • negotiate procedures and outcomes in small groups
  • make formal and informal presentations to the class
  • take notes and report on university lectures
  • participate in group discussions
  • identify cultural differences in learning strategies and learning styles.


At the end of the five-week IAP program, you will receive an assessment report that details your achievement against:

  • a group 20-minute powerpoint presentation on research
  • a 2000-word group research project.

The EAP pathway

Direct entry pathway programs to Deakin University and Deakin College

  • Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Duration: 5 – 20 weeks

DUELI's EAP programs provide an excellent link to Deakin's undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Students can meet the English language requirements of Deakin undergraduate and postgraduate courses by successfully completing an EAP direct entry pathway at DUELI.
The EAP programs at DUELI prepare students to fully participate in academic life. They help students develop an understanding of Australian academic expectations and ensure that students develop the skills required for academic success, including:

  • report writing
  • essay writing
  • research skills
  • critical thinking
  • effective listening and note-taking skills
  • oral presentations and learning to actively participate in group and classroom discussions
  • study skills.

EAP 1: Provides the first step for meeting the English language requirements of Deakin University's award course programs. To progress from EAP 1 to EAP 2, you must obtain a final assessment result of 60% or higher.
EAP 2: Provides the second step for meeting the English language requirements of Deakin University's award course programs and is the English language direct entry pathway to Deakin College's Diploma program. To progress from EAP 2 to EAP 3, you must obtain a final assessment result of 60% or higher.
EAP 3 (for Undergraduates and Study Abroad Students): Eligible students who have met the academic requirements of their undergraduate award course at Deakin can meet the English language requirements of the University by successfully completing EAP 3 with a final course result of 60% or higher. To progress from EAP 3 to EAP 4, you must obtain a final assessment result of 60% or higher.
EAP 4 (for Postgraduate and Undergraduate Nursing Students): Eligible students who have met the academic requirements of their postgraduate award course at Deakin can meet the English language requirements of Deakin University by successfully completing EAP 4 with a final assessment result of 60% or higher. 


EAP 1 and EAP 2

  • Research writing
  • Summary writing
  • Notetaking
  • Timed writing
  • Oral presentation
  • Group work participation and communication skills.

EAP 3 and EAP 4

  • Research essay
  • Reading/critical thinking
  • Notetaking
  • Timed writing
  • Debating (EAP 3)
  • Oral Presentation (EAP 4)
  • Group work participation and communication skills.

General English (GE)

General English programs at Deakin

  • Level: Elementary – Advanced
  • Duration: 5 – 45 weeks

There are nine General English levels offered at DUELI:

  • GE 1 Elementary 1
  • GE 2 Elementary 2
  • GE 3 Pre-Intermediate 1
  • GE 4 Pre-Intermediate 2
  • GE 5 Intermediate 1
  • GE 6 Intermediate 2
  • GE 7 Upper-Intermediate 1
  • GE 8 Upper-Intermediate 2
  • GE 9 Advanced.

Our General English programs are ideal for students with elementary to advanced levels of English who wish to improve their English for their own personal development. At DUELI, our aim is for all students undertaking a General English course of study to be able to communicate clearly and confidently with people from all over the world. Each General English class goes on at least three excursions linked to the curriculum.
In General English, you will:

  • learn English for everyday situations
  • communicate with people in the classroom and in real situations on class excursion projects
  • learn to speak accurately and clearly
  • improve pronunciation and fluency
  • extend your vocabulary
  • continue to develop cross-cultural communication skills
  • use English to help you enjoy living in Melbourne and Australia.

General English Pathways

A General English student is eligible to transfer to the EAP stream if they pass their General English class at the GE 4 level and attain an appropriate result on the DUELI EAP writing test. To progress to a higher General English level you will need an overall score of 55% from your end of intake assessment tasks.

Business English (BE)

  • Level: Upper Intermediate+
  • Duration: 5 weeks

DUELI's Business English program focuses on developing language skills required for international business communications. Students undertaking the program will be given language tasks and activities that will assist them in their understanding of western business culture and the language needed to succeed in a cross-cultural environment.
Students in the Business English programs undertake the following tasks:

  • journal writing
  • targeted business research project
  • interviewing
  • completing all the stages of job application requirements including addressing selection criteria, resume writing and writing letters of application
  • field trips to Australian businesses.


Assessment in each course takes a variety of forms, including written research assignments, class tests and oral presentations.

IELTS Preparation

  • Level: Upper Intermediate+
  • Duration: 5 weeks

Prepare for the IELTS test at Melbourne's newest official IELTS Test Centre. The IELTS Preparation course is designed for students to achieve success in the IELTS examination. It equips you to:

  • become familiar with IELTS examination format
  • improve listening, reading, writing and speaking skills
  • learn strategies for dealing effectively with the tasks in the examination
  • practise IELTS tasks under timed conditions.

You must have a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent to enter the IELTS Preparation program.

English for Nursing

  • Level: Upper Intermediate
  • Duration: 5 weeks

The new English for Nursing program is a five-week intensive English program that provides a direct entry pathway for students wishing to undertake a Bachelor of Nursing program at Deakin University. 

Entry requirements

Students who wish to enrol in this course must have either completed a DUELI EAP 4 program with an overall score of 65 per cent or have an IELTS score of 6.5 (no band lower than 6.5).

Course themes

  • Week 1: Adapting to Working as a Nurse in Australia
  • Week 2: Communication Skills in an Australian Nursing Environment
  • Week 3: Working as Part of a Team
  • Week 4: English and Academic Skills Required to Study Nursing at an Australian University
  • Week 5: Critical Thinking and Decision Making in the Australian Nursing Environment.


  • One hour timed writing: 30 per cent
    Argumentative essay in which students will be required to demonstrate coherence and clarity and an ability to use a range of language structures
  • Five-week reflective journal: 20 per cent
    Students will be required to demonstrate evidence of the development of reflective thinking and learning
  • Group seminar: 30 per cent
    Students will be required to demonstrate ability to work effectively in groups, present information clearly and communicate effectively in a seminar
  • Verbal explanation of a patient's condition using a standard medical form: 20 per cent
    Students will be required to accurately identify and interpret information and convey this information clearly, logically and effectively.

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