Student volunteering at DUELI

This is an opportunity for currently enrolled, and past DUELI students to gain work experience in a professional English language environment, practicing their English and actively engaging in their experience at DUELI.

DUELI Buddy Program

The DUELI Buddy Program is designed to help DUELI students to practice English, make friends, develop peer networks, join DUSA activities and to engage in cross-cultural exchange with Deakin students. The program not only helps students develop language and communication skills, but it also helps build global awareness and friendships between international and local students.

Being a buddy is mutually beneficial. It’s not just the DUELI Buddy who can benefit from this relationship. Serving as a Local Buddy provides an opportunity to demonstrate and develop leadership and communications skills and a deeper level of expertise of their knowledge base within the University environment. It is also a great way to learn about different cultures and make new friends.

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DUELI Volunteer Program

As part of the program you will support new students during their orientation which takes place every five weeks. You will play ‘host’ at events, showing visitors around campus, help to organise and manage events and assist with ongoing student activity programs.

What skills can I develop?

Throughout the program you will have opportunities to develop your skills and abilities in a range of fields including leadership, event management, budgeting and customer service.

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If you have any questions regarding the programs, please email us.